This event which gives everyone a chance of fifteen minutes of fame was rain-affected for the entire weekend, particularly in the south of the country.

‘Flounder Ace’ for the weekend was ‘Phantumpoet’ (Alan Sutton) who receives the coveted TSF Certificate. Alan has had his way with ‘Flanders‘ almost every year in this event and Sunday 8th January saw the country’s entire stock of these fish queuing up to sample ‘poets baits in the River Mersey. Alan tickled five flounders out which was almost more than the rest of the country’s efforts put together.


H.A. (Ada) had ‘the race’ well under control after pre-baiting his favoured swim on Langstone Bridge, Hampshire. Having been stuck in the Langstone mudflats for half an hour on the Saturday whilst gathering bait, he decided to play safe and give the North a chance and settled for the Burton/Man U tie!


Well done Alan and here’s to next year’s ‘turkey shoot’.

Congrats to all others who participated and who have each been awarded honorary joint second places.

H.A. (Ada) took 37th place after the 35 second places who actually fished! 


Report from Ada, 15th January 2006,

The Lifeboat Inn, Hayling Island.