Angling Trust to lead National Fishing Week and promote ‘Fishing for Everyone’

Following a recent strategic meeting between the Angling Trades Association, the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency, it was unanimously decided that the newly formed Angling Trust would oversee the running of the successful National Fishing Week in 2009 and beyond.

A significant influence in the decision was the recent recruitment to the Trust of eight regional officers funded by Sport England and the Environment Agency.  These new staff, along with the new marketing and communications team, will enable there to be considerably more focus on successful NFW event planning.  It is hoped that these new resources will result in more people across the country participating in all types of angling disciplines than in previous years.

The initiative will now be focused on one week and two weekends and will involve a showcase event in each region and a wide range of other local events.  The focus will be on encouraging the whole family to have a go at fishing, particularly mothers and daughters.

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust said: “The Angling Trust is delighted to be leading National Fishing Week in 2009 and very grateful for the support of the national partners.  The Trust aims to get people from all backgrounds involved in angling and to promote the social, environmental and economic benefits of the pursuit to a wider audience.  NFW provides an ideal opportunity to do these things.  We hope that the formation of the Trust will allow this excellent initiative to shift up a gear and that it will

inspire all angling clubs and fisheries to take part in what we would like to be a celebration of angling at the end of July.”

Sean O’Driscoll, Chairman of the Angling Trades Association added: “This year has seen the emergence of the Angling Trust as angling’s umbrella organisation and it is clear in my mind that with full-time, paid professionals for the first time, the sport has an exciting future. With the regional infrastructure that the Angling Trust is putting in place, it makes sense for the Angling Trades Association to hand over the running of National Fishing Week to them. I am confident that with the Angling Trust working closely with the Environment Agency, Sportsmatch and many of our previous event organisers, the NFW initiative will realise its full potential.” 

Richard Wightman, Angling Participation Manager for the Environment Agency said: “This is great news for National Fishing Week. It’s clear to me that the Angling Trust’s new regional structures will give NFW access to a whole new range of partners and supporters, such as the Local Sports partnerships and Local Authorities. That can only help it become bigger at a local level – and in turn will help it move up a gear nationally. But I’m equally clear that the Trust will be organising NFW on behalf of all of us. So everyone is still welcome to get involved”.

More details on how to organise or participate in events across the country will be posted on the Angling Trust website by the end of May – visit

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