Defra are to meet with Recreational Sea Anglers from the North-East to discuss radical new proposals which will fundamentally affect all of the region’s sea anglers.

Radical proposals that will affect the quality of the North-East’s important Recreational Sea Fisheries for generations to come.

The meeting has been arranged following the publication by Defra of the Marine Bill White Paper and the subsequent announcement by Fisheries Minister John Shaw on 6th November 2007 of a consultation on a Recreational Sea Angling Strategy which Defra aims to take forward.

Recreational sea angling is one of the most popular participant hobbies in the North East, supporting many businesses and livelihoods. The proposed changes will affect many thousands of anglers in our region, as well as impacting upon the substantial contribution which Recreational Sea Angling makes towards the region’s economy.

Many sea anglers have heard about the changes that are proposed for the way our inshore waters are managed, but many more are unaware of exactly what is in store.

Possible changes include:

·         The introduction of a Sea Angling License (which is viewed by many as a stealth tax with no obvious benefit to participants).

·         The introduction of bag limits.

·         The creation of Marine Protected Areas

·         Restrictions on gathering bait from the seashore.

·         Reformation of Inshore Fisheries Management with new bodies replacing the existing Sea Fisheries Committees

·         Inshore netting restrictions and promises of more and bigger fish

·         Increased access and better facilities for Recreational Sea Anglers 

The meeting is to be held at

The Bank House Club.

7 Front Street,
Newbiggin by the Sea,
NE64 6NU

Tuesday 4th March at 7.30 pm.

Dave Morton, the Regional Co-ordination for the Sea Anglers Conservation Network in the North-East said “This is a unique opportunity for anglers to hear the Government’s plans for our inshore waters and our sport and a rare chance for ordinary anglers to comment on those proposals direct to the decision makers”.

Anglers who wish to respond to the consultation have until 31st March 2008 to do so, after which it will be very difficult to influence Defra’s future policy towards angling.

David Morton

Sea Anglers’ Conservation Network (SACN)

Fighting for Anglers Fighting for Fish