Dynamite Baits sponsored Nermin Caro became one of only a handful of anglers in the world to land both mirror and common carp in excess of 80lbs following the recent capture of a fish known as Joe at 80lb 2oz from a German syndicate water.

Nermin, who also landed the previous World Record carp ‘Mary’ at a weight of 87lb 3oz from the same water, took the mammoth creature on his fourteenth night of targeting the fish. He explains: “The bite came at 4am in the morning and straight away I knew it was either Joe or Mary because of the sheer weight of the fish.
“It took 40 minutes to get the fish to the net and once I had landed it I needed the assistance of two other anglers that were fishing the lake to help weigh and photograph it before returning it to the water,” added Nermin.
The giant mirror fell for a Dynamite Baits Robin Red 20mm sinking boilie and a 15mm Robin Red Fluro Pop-Up Boilie fished ‘snowman’ style and glugged in Dynamite’s Robin Red Hookbait Dip.
This was presented on top of a bed of bait made up of 8mm and 12mm Robin Red Carp Pellets, 21mm Marine Halibut Pellets and 8mm Swim Stim Betaine Green Sinking Carp Pellets.

Nermin had been baiting the area since April with a combination of Dynamite’s Mixed Particles and Frenzied Chopped Tiger Nuts.