A local community radio station is taking on a new live angling talk show headed up by Old Bury Hill fishery manager and Total-Fishing.com stalwart Russ Evans.

Ridge Radio in Surrey is calling the show The Obsessed Angler named after Russ’ angling DVD series which can be viewed on www.Onlinefishing.tv and www.FishingCinemaTV.

The Wednesday night show will kick off on the 18th January 2012 with a weekly slot of 9pm to 11pm every Wednesday.

Russ who currently works as tackle shop manager said: “I discussed an angling show on Ridge Radio about a year ago with station boss Mark Jones when they were setting up the station based in Caterham and just after Christmas, Mark contacted me to see if I was still interested as they are looking to have a specialist show like angling in their line up.”

The new show can be picked up online worldwide by clicking on www.ridgeradio.co.uk and then clicking on the Ridge Radio icon player.

Russ added: “The show will involve angling talk of course and listeners can contact me direct into the studio with any of their questions or news via email on studio@ridgeradio.co.uk, so if you have any events you want promoted like festivals or matches or angling clubs looking for new members then let me know as I am only to happy to help out.

“The show will also include music and be warned – my music taste is very varied! I am very excited about the show and any opportunity to promote our sport is all good in my books.”

For more details on Russ see his new website www.russevans.com