About 6,000 roach have been stocked into lakes and ponds across Kent and Sussex, following a fish rescue at Cobham Hall Lakes in Kent.
The roach, which measured in size from 5cm – 20cm, were removed from Cobham Hall Lakes at the request of the local Cobham Court Angling Club, following a fish population survey carried out by the Environment Agency in 2006.
The EA fisheries team found the lake was overstocked with roach and the population was likely to become stunted in the future. The angling club agreed the removal of a proportion of the stock would be of benefit as it would allow the remaining fish to grow on and subsequently improve the angling.
The roach have been restocked into Danson Park Lake, Bexley (2,000 roach), Wiremill Lake, East Grinstead (3,500 roach) and The Pond, National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy. Lingfield (500 roach).