Three new potential All Tackle freshwater fish record have been submitted to the IGF.

James Schmid, of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, caught a potential new All-Tackle Length record Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) on August 15th while fishing the Nanook River in Nunavut, Canada. Schmid was casting a pink bunny fly when he came tight on a beautifully colored 88 cm char that took him close to 10 minutes to land.  After some quick photos and measurements were taken, Schmid released the fish alive. The current IGFA record is 86 cm.

all tackle length record Arctic Char

German angler Stephan Gockel landed a potential new All-Tackle Length record northern pike (Esox lucius) on October 1st while fishing around Nimwegan in the Netherlands. Gockel was casting a Rooster V-Tail lure when he hooked into the 120 cm pike that put up a tough 10 minute battle. Once subdued, the fish was quickly measured, photographed and released alive. If approved, Gockel’s pike would beat the existing record by 2 cm.

All tackle record Northern Pike

On August 30th, Canada’s Ann Marie Lake produced a potential All-Tackle Length record brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) for American angler Michael J. Sadar, who hooked the fish while casting a mouse pattern fly. After a 10 minute fight, Sadar successfully landed, measured and released the beautiful 58 cm brooky, which bests the current record of 55 cm. 

All Tackle record Brook Trout