The Dikerogammarus villosus shrimp has been named as at the top of the Environment Agency’s ‘most wanted’ list of ‘alien invadors’ because of the dramatic effect it can have on the habitats of the UK’s native water species.

Here Game Fisher’s Diary meets Alastair Fenn, the District Biosecurity and Fisheries Development Officer for the The Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust, on location as he tests the river to find the culprit.

The tiny-but-deadly shrimp has made its way from the Caspian Sea across Europe in less than a decade with devastating consequences, and has now been found in three locations in the UK.

In this free-to-view special news bulletin is available in December’s issue of Game Fisher’s Diary here on this website, Alastair explains why it’s vital to eradicate the killer shrimp, as scientists have names it, and how anglers can help in that quest.

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