Sixteen nations met in Belgium at “Les Lacs de l’eau d’Heure” last week (29th September – 2nd October) for the 7th F.I.P.S World Carp Championships.


The NFA squad consisted of 3 pairs; Steve Spurgen and Chris Rose, Peter Holehouse and Ian Huntington, and Mitch Smith and John Dean. The team runners were Jason Woods and Lee Bell.


The England squad was competing for the first time battled it out and claimed the silver medal in the team event whilst in the individual pairs John and Mitch took the gold with an impressive total weight of nearly 25kg.


Team Results

(Scored on a points system with the lowest points winning, Points are scored from section positions)


1st place Croatia, total points 7, 3 fish caught 29,050 kg

2nd place England, total points 18.5, 3 fish caught 24,900 kg

3rd place Romania, total points 19, 1 fish caught. 13.600 kg



Individual Pairs Results

(individual event is won on overall individual pairs total weight)


1st Place England, John Dean and Mitch Smith section C3 3 fish caught 24,950 kg

2nd Place, South Africa, J Goodwin and G Ford section B12 1 fish caught 14,650 kg

3rd place  Romania , C Rosioru and B Guguianu Section A7 , 1 fish caught 13,600 kg



World and European record holder:

Mitch Smith won the European Challenge cup at Fishabil in 2002 with a different partner and set both the 48 hr (290,100 kg)  and 72 hr (378,500 kg) World Record for Carp Enduros,  ratified by F.I.P.S.e.d, this still stands to date, this now makes him the 2005 world champion and world record holder under F.I.P.S.e.d ratification and standing European Challenge cup holder as the event has not been restaged since the victory.


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