The NFA is on the lookout for two Non-Executive Directors to contribute to the work of the organisation and continue the development of our sport.

Following the NFA’s move to the National Water Sports Centre, and its incorporation, the NFA is looking to further develop as a modern National Governing Body for the sport.

At the last meeting of the NFA Board of Directors it was decided to appoint Non Executive Directors with responsibility for.

1. Business Management and Governance
2. Marketing and Communications

The appointees will be responsible for contributing to the development of the organisation in these two important areas.  They will be required to attend Board meetings, provide reports, attend important meetings with partners and most importantly contribute significantly to the strategic direction and development of the NFA and angling as a modern sport.

Terry Fell Chairman of the NFA stated, “There is little doubt that we, like other governing bodies, need to seek expert guidance and support where we can for the benefit of angling as a whole.  Last year the NFA appointed John Mitchell as the Non Executive Director for Development and that has been a resounding success with the formation of the Angling Development Board and increased funding for the whole of the sport.  We now need to repeat that success in others important areas.”

Paul Baggaley Chief Executive Officer concurred stating, “The Board of Directors has invested heavily in the development of the Governing Body and the whole of angling has seen the benefit of that in projects like the OCN course “An Introduction to Angling and the Environment”, Clubmark, the New Level One Coaching Course and the formation of the Angling Development Board which are all developmental projects. However, the NFA now need to develop in other areas.”

Interested parties should visit the website at for details of how to apply or phone 0115 981 3535 for an informal discussion about the role.