ANGLERS wanting to buy or sell a fishery now have a specialist estate agent to contact. The website, claims to be the first dedicated fishery estate agent and says it offers a ‘fully professional estate agency service’.


The site is the result of a collaboration between chartered surveyors Fenn Wright and and is already live.


 Until now many fishery owners looking to sell their property have had to rely on the services of local estate agents, many of whom do not know how to value a fishery and its stocks or how to market venues to the appropriate audience, commented Fenn Wright partner Martin Freeman.


At Fenn Wright we have specialised in buying and selling fisheries for clients for 10 years and have a details of every fishery which has come to the market in the past five.


This enables us to calculate accurate values for owners looking to sell their properties.


Fishery valuations are carried out according to the so called ‘Red Book’ standard laid down by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the UK’s leading professional body for estate agents and surveyors, or as personalised marketing reports.


In addition to being publicised on, properties being offered for sale by the site will also be advertised in the specialist angling Press and appropriate newspapers and magazines.


The joint venture follows the sale, subject to contract, by and Ashby-de-la-Zouch land agents Fisher German of Staffordshire’s Hamstall Fishery near Rugeley within a few weeks of the property coming onto the market. 


According to Fenn Wright’s Martin Freeman, nearly 50 per cent of fisheries which come up for sale in the UK either never sell or take over a year to find buyers.


The sale of Hamstall, together with our own sale of Ockeridge and Evesbatch fisheries, shows that when venues are realistically priced and exposed to the right audience there is a ready supply of purchasers who either want to own their own fishery as a hobby or are looking to run one as a business, said Martin.


Details of more than 20 fisheries which are currently on the market in the UK can be found on


In addition, free legal advice for those thinking or buying or selling a fishery is being provided on by specialist angling law solicitor Simon Jackson of Warrington.


¥ Tackle firm Shimano have launched a new website in conjunction with its after sales phone service. See .


|2002-10-01 06:59:00.000|2002-11-01 00:00:00.000|online_fisheries_for_sales_service_launched
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Total Carp Magazine – March 2005

On sale: 25-2-05



Champ-Ian Carping

How do you make the most of your sessions and catch as many carp as you can? Ian Russell reveals all.


Happy Days

Adam Penning and Simon Scott prove that, if you choose the right tactics, you can keep catching through the roughest of conditions.



Have you ever wanted to pose a question to one of the country’s best carp anglers? Now’s your chance, as Dave Lane answers TC readers’ questions on all things carpy.



Derek Ritchie takes 15-year-old Perry Brookes for a session on Aveley Lake in Essex. The aim? To teach Perry as much as possible in 24 hours… and catch!


So, You Want To Join A Syndicate?

Club waters and syndicate lakes are very different propositions to day ticket carping. Marc Coulson and Mark Law show you how to join, approach and catch from your first members-only water.


Rig Of The Month – Part Two

This month, Richard ‘Cash’ Farnan, of Gardner Tackle , shows you how to tie a rig he’d be happy using on any water.


High Attract

Temp carp into your swim, with Neil Smith’s 13 top attraction tips.


Tackle Team

The boys put 12 of the latest pods through their paces, Check ‘em out.


£3,000 Wychwood Competition

How do you fancy getting your hands on £3,000 worth of fantastic Wychwood carp gear? Here’s your chance.


Lane’s Way

With the Kent waters proving too busy, Dave heads off to pastures new in search of a new target and a few bites.



Six pages of tackle reviews, £1,200 Korda competition and loads more.

|2005-02-17 21:02:00.000|2005-03-17 00:00:00.000|total_carp
Input error: Assets/Images/Midland_Angler/48 MA. Cover (Sept 04)200.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|12AD1032-E182-4270-94B0-9787F492F217|1|2004-11-27 10:07:14.000|2004-11-27 10:37:47.000|Assets/Images/Midland_Angler/48 MA. Cover (Sept 04)200.jpg|Severn hits sparkling form|THE River Severn was in fantastic form before the last lot of heavy rain and it should be running into similar trim now.|

THE River Severn was in fantastic form before the last lot of heavy rain and it should be running into similar trim now.

Shrewsbury, Stourport and Bewdley were all fishing really well last week, with loads of double figure weights of quality roach to both pleasure anglers and to matchmen.

The Stourport stretch is especially interesting. Last year only the pegs by the bridge were producing, thanks to a large flock of cormorants which was in residence. The silver fish shoaled up under the bride, where there was relative safety.

But two weeks ago this flock of birds ‘disappeared’ overnight, and almost immediately the roach have spread out right along the length.

In fact even dace have started to appear again, which shows that the fish the cormorants don’t eat go into hiding and out of the reach of anglers.

It’s made for much fairer match fishing and the striking thing is the quality of sport on offer.

Last Wednesday’s 27-peg match at Stourport produced no less than 17 double figure weights and indeed the worst weight was 8-6-0. Brian Bennett won with a whacking 28-0-6 of mainly roach from peg 65 on the Littleton water, taken on the stick float.

Roach from 2oz to 12oz are making up most of the catches and it’s a maggot job with around three pints needed to keep the fish coming for the full five hours.

The last weekend Shrewsbury match attracted and excellent turn out of nearly 70, and 27 of those weighed in double figures with a top weight of 24. Shrewsbury is quite deep and stick float, waggler and Bolognese all come into play.
Start on a size 18 hook to a 0.10mm hooklength with double maggot hook bait and only go to single maggot and a size 20 if you are struggling a bit.

Fish into the main flow, but feed an inside line with caster and hemp in the hope of picking up some quality fish late.

The Shrewsbury matches are run by Sundorne Tackle, which is located on Sundorne Avenue in Shrewsbury.

The man to contact about booking into the matches or pleasure fishing is Keith on 01743 361804.



For all the latest form from the heart of the country, see Midland Angler’s comprehensive Where to Fish section.

|2004-11-27 10:05:00.000|2004-12-27 00:00:00.000|severn_hits_sparkling_form
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/dec MF. FC.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1BC18C27-30B5-437D-B804-996BE7335F88|1|2003-11-25 08:44:33.000|2003-11-27 07:17:01.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/dec MF. FC.jpg|Match Fishing: Latest issue|Find out what’s in the latest issue of the UK’s only match fishing magazine…|

Match Fishing – December 2003



On sale November 28th


In this issue:


Gone Chubbin’

Midlands river maestro Dave Harrell explains all there is to know about tackling river chub using the waggler


The Truth About Bloodworm & Joker

In the second part of this fascinating series Match Fishing explores the rigs needed to fish these two top baits


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

England international Darren Cox is your guide to avoiding carp in silver fish-only matches. How do you do it? All is revealed



Tackle Box – Four pages of top tackle reviewed

Tried & Tested – Trabucco GM All-rounder

On Test – boots for winter

Broadcasting with Keith Arthur

Match Q & A ­ your match fishing questions answered


Match Fishing

|2003-11-26 08:43:00.000|2003-12-25 00:00:00.000|match_fishing_latest_issue
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/Webmachin.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1F463A62-ADEB-419C-8AD5-9A45BBB2C3C2|1|2003-04-24 13:12:35.000|2003-04-26 09:50:16.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/Webmachin.jpg|Neil Machin crowned Midlands Matchman of the Year|STOKE’S Neil Machin has been crowned Midlands Match Angler of the Year competition following the final on British Waterways’ Earlswood Lakes on Wednesday (April 23rd).|

Neil with his 23kg bag from Engine Lake


STOKE’S Neil Machin has been crowned Midlands Match Angler of the Year competition following the final on British Waterways’ Earlswood Lakes on Wednesday (April 23rd).

The match was run through Midland Angler magazine and sponsored by Sensas UK. Thirteen qualifiers had made it through to the head to head after impressive match performances around the region in the last 18 months.

In order for it to be a test of all-round skill, the anglers fished two three-hour matches in one day, one on the Windmill Lake where silver fish were the target and one carp match on the Engine Lake.

“Despite the format being new to them, the anglers adapted really well, although unfortunately Windmill Lake was very hard,” commented organiser Gareth Purnell.

“In fact no-one pegged in the first five pegs nearest the dam had a bite and evidently it was a few weeks too early for this lake. I thank the anglers pegged there for taking it all in good heart.”

The finalists were Wayne Mellings from Walsall, Terry Girdlestone from Gloucester, Lee Richards from Great Barr, Charlie Hague from Earlswood, Mark Parsons from Alcester, Wayne Russon from Solihull, Ian Lockley from Cannock, Paul Yates, who now lives in Doncaster, Andy Findlay from Barsby, Darren Cox from Stratford-upon-Avon, Neil Machin from Stoke, Tony Barker from Kimberley and Colin Harvey from Upton on Severn

Shakespeare’s Tony Barker took the best weight from the Windmill Lake of just over 3kg from peg 26, and the other section winner was Stoke’s Neil Machin.
Engine Lake
took a little time to get going in the afternoon match, but in the end some decent weights were recorded and everyone caught.
Winning the title with a perfect two section wins was Neil Machin with an impressive three-hour weight of 26.630kg from peg 29, all his fish falling to pole-fished paste.

Lee Richards managed a section second with 18kg from peg 23 to take the runner’s up trophy and £300 of Sensas gear, with Darren Cox third after a section third and second. Wayne Russon came from nowhere with a section win in the afternoon to finish fourth overall.

“Many thanks to all the anglers who took part and to Mark Downes for generously backing the event with £1000 worth of prizes and two impressive trophies,” said Gareth. “Thanks also to the ever-helpful venue bailiff John Howse for all his help with the match.

“All the anglers who took part will be invited again next year and will be joined by the 2003 qualifiers and we hope the Midlands Match Angler of the Year final will become a big event in the Midlands match fishing calendar.
Result: 1 N Machin, 2pts; 2 Lee Richards, 4pts; 3 Darren Cox, 5tps; 4
Wayne Russon, 6pts (on weight); 5 Tony Barker, 6pts.

A full report with pictures will appear in the next issue of Midland Angler

|2003-04-24 13:10:00.000|2003-05-24 00:00:00.000|neil_machin_crowned_midlands_matchman_of_the_year
Input error: Assets/Images/Competitions/webmiddyrod4[1].jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|19A5215C-996B-48EB-AC3B-9D174D2287DA|1|2003-06-04 17:01:00.000|2003-06-12 13:37:58.000|Assets/Images/Competitions/webmiddyrod4[1].jpg|Win one of five 15ft Middy Carp Waggler rods|THIS month we are teaming up with the biggest tackle manufacturer in the Midlands, Middy International, for the chance for five Total-Fishing users to win a superb 15ft Middy Mi Carp waggler rod.|

THIS month we are teaming up with the biggest tackle manufacturer in the
Midlands, Middy International, for the chance for five Total-Fishing users to win a superb 15ft Middy Mi Carp waggler rod.

The Mi range is designed with today’s commercial fishery angler in mind, and all three rods at 13ft, 14ft and 15ft are built to handle 5lb mainline and big wagglers, making them perfect for fishing baits like bread at range and keeping control of hard fighting carp and tench.

The power in these rods is built into the middle section, but there is still enough give for the rod to still be suitable for river work and for hooklengths down to about 2lb breaking strain.

The top selling 15ft model boasts an MTDI Spiral Carbon blank, F. Factor SC guides, a screw lock reel seat, a part cork, part EVA handle and it comes in a cloth bag. It would set you back £79.99 in the shops (RRP), but we have five to give away.

How to win
All you have to do to be in with a chance is answer the question below, then CLICK HERE and fill in the fields for your name, answer and email address. You will find the answer on Middy’s website,

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can enter. Closing date is July 5th, 2003.

Which top English match angler has backed Middy over its stance on the nets accreditation issue?


|2003-06-10 16:58:00.000|2003-07-04 00:00:00.000|win_one_of_five_15ft_middy_carp_waggler_rods
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/M. The Big Match.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1297EFE0-B94A-42CC-A050-9DD60EAF3957|1|2003-01-13 14:10:51.000|2003-01-13 14:10:51.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/M. The Big Match.jpg|Big plans for the Premier League|THE venue for the first Premier Angling League UK Final has been chosen as Tunnel Barn Farm at Shrewley in Shropshire.|

THE venue for the first Premier Angling League UK Final has been chosen as Tunnel Barn Farm at Shrewley in Shropshire.

The Trabucco-backed water will host the event on April 27, with a prize fund of £1500 plus pools and a guaranteed individual winner’s cheque of £1000.
The money has been put up by the owners of each fishery, who say they are delighted with the format as it has kept lots of anglers of all standards fishing right through the winter.

The final will see ten anglers each from Browning Cudmore Fishery, Copthorne Fishery and Tunnel Barn Farm going head to head in a five-hour fish off. There are two impressive trophies to be won, one for the individual winners and one for the winning fishery team.

The ten anglers from each venue will have qualified through each venue’s four Premier League Divisions, with the top three from the Premier Division and the winner’s of each of the other three divisions joining the top three finishers in each venue’s Premier League final. Those finals are being fished on April 27.

“The brilliant thing about the Premier League is that by having different divisions, the anglers have been fishing against others of their own standard, and yet they have all had a fair shot at making the big final,” said match co-ordinator John Glover, who has big plans fro the competition.

“We have had three venues running Premier Leagues this season with around 100 anglers involved in each, and have even had to turn anglers away.

“Next year we intend to involve more anglers at each water and extend the competition nationwide. We hope to have seven venues running leagues in the 2003-2004 season.”

John says he has secured sponsors for taking the Premier League to other region’s of the UK and intends to make further announcements soon, which will be revealed through Midland Angler magazine. Venue owners wishing to find out more can talk to John on 01782 680919.

 * Don’t miss next month’s issue of Midland Angler when we feature the methods used in the colder months by venue regular Richie Hull at the consistent Tunnel Barn complex.

|2003-02-13 14:09:00.000|2003-03-13 00:00:00.000|big_plans_for_the_premier_league
Input error: Assets/Images/Abbey/aby15_logo100x150.gif is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|150675AE-605B-454A-8BF9-A370CABC29D5|1|2005-07-29 09:58:04.000|2005-07-29 09:58:04.000|Assets/Images/Abbey/aby15_logo100x150.gif|Abbey Platinum Savings Plan|ABBEY has launched a new account marketed at the over 50s, called Platinum Savings Plan.|

ABBEY has launched a new account marketed at the over 50s, called Platinum Savings Plan.
It gives retirement savers a competitive instant access savings account paying 5.5% gross p.a./AER along with a guaranteed return three year stockmarket-linked savings bond or, alternatively, people can choose any other Abbey investment product available in branches. The Platinum Savings Plan can be opened with a minimum opening balance of £20,000 of which at least 50% must be in the savings bond or investment.

Features of the two parts of Abbey’s new savings plan include:

Platinum Savings Account:

  • Instant access savings account offering a variable flat rate of 5.5% gross p.a./AER for 12 months. This is guaranteed to move in line with base rate until 18 July 2006. The minimum opening balance is £1.
  • After 12 months the account matures into the Platinum Deposit Account paying a variable flat rate of 4.5% gross p.a./AER, which is also guaranteed to move in line with base rate until July 2008.
  • The account can be managed with a passbook (or by post).
  • Withdrawals and deposits can be made without penalty as long as the balance in the Platinum Savings Account does not exceed that in the Platinum Savings Bond or other Abbey investment they may have chosen during the first 12 months.*

Platinum Savings Bond:

  • Minimum opening balance of £10,000 and must be at least 50% of total balance in the Platinum Savings Plan.
  • A three year, FTSE 100-linked savings bond.
  • The guaranteed return will be whichever is the greater of 50% of any FTSE growth or 9% gross over three years.**

Alternatively, people have the flexibility to put 50% of their money into any other Abbey investment available via branch.

Mary Fisher, Abbey’s Savings Marketing Manager said: “With more than a third of the UK population now aged over 50, Abbey is providing a savings plan to meet their needs for both instant access to money and retirement investment.

“The plan provides a very competitive interest rate on money people need instant access to, whilst giving the potential of earning greater returns on the money saved for the longer term. As well as offering great rates and flexibility, both parts of the Platinum Savings Plan come with guarantees – the savings account will stay in line with base rate movements and the Platinum Savings Bond has a guaranteed return”.

People aged over 50 who are interested in Abbey’s Platinum Savings Plan can get an application pack in any Abbey branch or by phoning on 0800 032 4600. Fact sheets and applications packs are also available on .




* This only applies to the first 12 months  the Platinum Savings Account is opened, after which it will be moved to the  Platinum Deposit Account which has no restrictions on withdrawals or  deposits.
** The stockmarket-linked return will be calculated by comparing  the difference in the Opening Level and Final Level in the FTSE 100 index. The  Opening Level will be the closing level of the Index on 3 October 2005. The  Final Level will be the average of the closing levels of the Index from 20  March 2008 to 19 September 2008 inclusive.
*** Before 3 October 2005, the  initial deposit will earn a competitive variable rate of interest which will  be credited to the Platinum Savings Bond at close of business on 2 October  2005 to form the Total Deposit on which the return will be  calculated.



|2005-07-29 09:55:00.000|2005-08-07 00:00:00.000|abbey_platinum_savings_plan
Input error: Assets/Images/Competitions/sm_Thumb.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|14000BDA-8D2E-4081-9383-A37BE04DFE05|1|2003-02-28 08:57:08.000|2003-02-28 09:00:26.000|Assets/Images/Competitions/sm_Thumb.jpg|Tackle Shop Sweep competition winners|We have joint winners of our Fish Sim 2 guess the pike’s weight competition…|


THE two lucky winners of our January Win a £100 tackle shop sweep competition are Dave Kightley and Barrie Christian.

The competition was sponsored by games firm Fish Sim2, who asked Total Fishing users to guess the weight of the pike pictured on the front cover of the Fish Sim 2 CD Rom fishing simulation game.

The correct answer was 20lb 2oz, and Dave and Barrie were the two closest, both guessing -19lb 12oz.

As explained in the competition entry copy, in the event of a tie the prize is shared, and so both win £50 to spend on what they like in the Total-Fishing tackle shop, which can be accessed by clicking the button on the left.

Many thanks to Fish Sim 2 for their generous sponsorship. To find out more about the best angling simulation out there, visit .

|2003-03-01 00:01:00.000|2003-03-28 00:00:00.000|tackle_shop_sweep_competition_winners
Input error: Assets/Images/Advanced_Carp/Adv carp FC.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1616A425-26A0-44B6-AE6D-A3A88E66866F|1|2003-06-12 11:24:16.000|2003-06-12 11:24:16.000|Assets/Images/Advanced_Carp/Adv carp FC.jpg|EXCLUSIVE: Jim Shelley bags the record carp|JIM Shelley has bagged ‘Two Tone’ – the carp that holds the British record – while on a feature with Advanced Carp Fishing magazine.|

TOTAL-FISHING can exclusively reveal that controversial carper Jim Shelley has bagged ‘Two Tone’ – the carp that holds the British record – while on a feature with Advanced Carp Fishing magazine.
The mighty Conningbrook fish fell during only Jim’s second visit to the Mid Kent Fisheries water.
Jim was with editor Martin Ford covering the controversial subject of mass baiting techniques, something Jim is well known for.
He also landed a 29lb carp and lost another one, before ‘Two Tone’ came along.
All will be revealed exclusively in the next issue of Advanced Carp Fishing, which hits the shelves on July 10th.

|2003-06-12 11:21:00.000|2003-07-12 00:00:00.000|exclusive_jim_shelley_bags_the_record_carp
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/MF-oct05.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|148CD2E6-DD1D-4B70-B1E6-A440961640B9|1|2005-10-05 19:57:20.000|2005-10-05 19:57:20.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/MF-oct05.jpg|Match Fishing magazine|Find out what’s in the current issue of the UK’s No1 match fishing publication…|




Mark Sawyer explains how to tackle this up and coming East Anglian water with a two pronged attack. It’s a venue you will definitely be hearing more about in the future!  



We join top Italian angler Milo Columbo and a few of his mates for a competition on an Italian commercial fishery. Light the blue touch paper and stand back!     



We’re with Will Raison in Scotland on the Six Nations match this month. Will the good run of results continue?  



Not sure how best to prepare and hook hemp? Follow our easy step by step guide to getting the best out of this cheap and easy to use bait.        



An in-depth picture report on who won what and how during the popular weekend on the River Avon. Despite low clear conditions the river once again threw up some very good weights.          



One of THE in-vogue approaches on commercials at present is the use of the Method feeder on the pole. We join Rob Perkins at Tunnel Barn Farm to find out how to do it. 



Good news, good news…Darren’s drawing hand is back to normal AND he’s had the call up for the full England squad. 



Maver Barnsley’s Simon Roff gives the answers to the questions this month.



Neil Machin reflects on the day when he nearly won £25,000! 



Dave Harrell checks out the new multi-length Shakespeare LXL float rods.  



Over £1400 of the superb, revolutionary floats from Hungarian float producers Cralusso to be won. We’ve tried them out for ourselves and they’re brilliant!      



Match Q&A

Keith Arthur

Giles Cochrane

Jon Arthur

And loads more…



To find out about the latest subscription offer, CLICK HERE

|2005-10-05 19:56:00.000|2005-11-05 00:00:00.000|match_fishing_magazine
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/Fsetion.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|193C85FC-2815-4DE3-87DA-A689A0CF3D2A|1|2003-06-02 09:17:31.000|2003-06-02 09:17:31.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/Fsetion.jpg|Division Five National results|Team Mosella Strike took the final Embassy Division Five National on the Shropshire Union. Here’s a full results breakdown.|

Division Five National

Venue: Shropshire Union Canal
Number of Teams: 26
Number of Competitors: 312


1 Team Mosella Strike, 227pts
2 Sensas Team Image, 222
3 Devizes AA, 219
4 Thorne & District, 216
5 Bracknell Herons, 203
6 Sussex County, 199
7 Hodnet MG, 198
8 Ryburn & Halifax, 195
9 NCB No 5, 192
10 Selby DAA, 188
11 Grove Park AC, 183
12 Turners Tackle & Bait, 182
13 Swan A. C. Worcester, 180
14 Listerhills Old Boys, 159
15 Radcliffe AS, 152
16 Taunton AA, 147
17 Exeter & District, 137
18 Boston & District, 131
19 Broughton AC, 127
20 Whynot AC, 127
21 Grimsby & District, 118
22 Passies Tackle, 115
23 Whitworth Valley AS, 108
24 Thames Angling, 107
25 Manchester Fed, 94
26 Tang Hall MG, 90


NB This is the final Division Five National. Next year there will be only four divisions.

1 C Lemon, Exeter & District, Section K, peg 26, 12.390kg
2 D Keenan, Whitworth Valley AS, M08, 6.300kg
3 L Chatfield, Sussex County, K19, 5.960kg
4 B. Pugh Hodnet M. G. E 25, 4.280
5 D. Collinson Tang Hall M. G. H12, 4.050
6 P. Illilngworth Thorne & District J18, 3.780
7 J. Jarvis Team Mosella Stike E16, 3.530
8 K. Rowles Devizes A. A. E04, 3.500
9 D. Kershaw Ryburn & Halifax K25, 3.170
10 J. Sas Manchester Fed H16, 3.090
11 J. Grainger Sussex County C26, 3.080
12 P. McCabe Ryburn & Halifax E13, 3.060
13 N. Maynard Turners Tackle & Bait F25, 3.050
14 M. Stewart Thorne & District C17, 2.990
15 R. Kepner Devizes A. A. F23, 2.920
16 J. Weedon Sensas Team Image F18, 2.900
17 M. Tobias Sussex County H14, 2.650
18 M. Jackson Boston & District D15, 2.440
19 A. Blair Grove Park A. C. F24, 2410
20 M. Halstead Bracknell Herons F16, 2.390
Average Weight in match = 891gm

Section A

A 01 D. Stewart Team Mosella Stike 2260 26
A 02 M. Wolstencroft Broughton A. C. 80 6
A 03 N. Darling Selby D. A. A. 10 1
A 04 D. Cade NCB No 5 610 19
A 05 K. Harrison Tang Hall M. G. 400 16
A 06 P. Thornley Whitworth Valley A. S. 970 21
A 07 K. Smith Turners Tackle & Bait 110 7
A 08 B. Balderson Boston & District 320 14
A 09 T. Clish Whynot A. C. 1770 25
A 10 J. Kirk Sussex County 170 10
A 11 E. Harrison Listerhills Old Boys 220 12
A 12 S. Barnes Bracknell Herons 120 9
A 13 C. Miller Passies Tackle 30 3
A 14 P. Norfolk Manchester Fed 60 5
A 15 M. Hill Exeter & District 790 20
A 16 J. Batha Hodnet M. G. 40 4
A 17 J. Armitage Radcliffe A. S. 200 11
A 18 J. Andrews Taunton A. A. 20 2
A 19 N. Bower Ryburn & Halifax 120 9
A 20 P. Timms Thames Angling 580 17
A 21 T. Sutherland Grove Park A. C. 310 13
A 22 G. Dack Sensas Team Image 1420 23
A 23 L. Merrell Swan A. C. Worcester 610 19
A 24 D. Riley Grimsby & District 370 15
A 25 D. Burke Thorne & District 1730 24
A 26 C. Telling Devizes A. A. 1330 22
Average Section Weight = 563.46 gm

Section B
B 01 A. Cooper Whitworth Valley A. S. 30 1
B 02 G. Helyer Bracknell Herons 720 21
B 03 R. Stanley Listerhills Old Boys 130 3
B 04 K. Netherell Selby D. A. A. 2000 26
B 05 S. Tripp Passies Tackle 680 19
B 06 W. Smith Manchester Fed 220 8
B 07 K. Jones Tang Hall M. G. 230 10
B 08 S. Harrison Ryburn & Halifax 720 21
B 09 T. Cropper Taunton A. A. 310 11
B 10 D. West Boston & District 220 8
B 11 M. Keyworth Grimsby & District 150 4
B 12 K. Abigail Devizes A. A. 970 22
B 13 V. Camilleri Sussex County 1060 23
B 14 C. Kampa Thames Angling 220 8
B 15 P. Holland Swan A. C. Worcester 530 17
B 16 D. Keeble Grove Park A. C. 340 14
B 17 M. Jarvis Team Mosella Stike 350 15
B 18 R. Lowry Hodnet M. G. 670 18
B 19 D. Grundy Radcliffe A. S. 170 5
B 20 G. Thomas NCB No 5 1260 25
B 21 P. Kitwood Thorne & District 530 17
B 22 A. Reynolds Sensas Team Image 1250 24
B 23 I. Bolton Broughton A. C. 100 2
B 24 P. Homewood Exeter & District 230 10
B 25 P. Passmore Turners Tackle & Bait 330 12
B 26 M. Hughes Whynot A. C. 340 14
Average Section Weight = 529.23 gm

Section C
C 01 D. Briggs Listerhills Old Boys 100 2
C 02 N. Groom Thames Angling 110 3
C 03 A. McTiffin Devizes A. A. 290 9
C 04 D. Mehmet Sensas Team Image 1200 19
C 05 A. Ward Whynot A. C. 100 2
C 06 C. Davis Swan A. C. Worcester 650 15
C 07 P. Webster Boston & District 160 4
C 08 G. Thornton Exeter & District 240 8
C 09 N. Smith Ryburn & Halifax 1550 23
C 10 A. Leighton Selby D. A. A. 1650 24
C 11 K. Haynes Team Mosella Stike 870 17
C 12 B. Hawkes Passies Tackle 520 12
C 13 R. Bell Tang Hall M. G. 240 8
C 14 J. Lane NCB No 5 1520 22
C 15 J. Burns Manchester Fed 870 17
C 16 A. Flint Bracknell Herons 220 6
C 17 M. Stewart Thorne & District 2990 25
C 18 F. Simpson Taunton A. A. 320 10
C 19 P. Hulstern Broughton A. C. 1500 21
C 20 B. Winters Turners Tackle & Bait 340 11
C 21 M. Nutt Hodnet M. G. 1050 18
C 22 K. Clayton Grimsby & District 550 13
C 23 R. Leathbarrow Grove Park A. C. 600 14
C 24 T. Birchall Radcliffe A. S. 1450 20
C 25 I. Walsh Whitworth Valley A. S. 190 5
C 26 J. Grainger Sussex County 3080 26
Average Section Weight = 860.00 gm

Section D
D 01 A. Ogden Whitworth Valley A. S. 20 3
D 02 G. Balmer Ryburn & Halifax 390 13
D 03 J. Johnson Taunton A. A. 210 8
D 04 P. Scott Devizes A. A. 1040 20
D 05 A. Gregory Sensas Team Image 1750 24
D 06 G. Flint Bracknell Herons 460 16
D 07 A. Harrison Grimsby & District 0 0
D 08 R. Eastham Passies Tackle 140 6
D 09 T. Rodgers Hodnet M. G. 420 15
D 10 D. Wilson Turners Tackle & Bait 410 14
D 11 P. Maciejewski NCB No 5 1390 21
D 12 G. Hemming Swan A. C. Worcester 270 9
D 13 A. Vardy Tang Hall M. G. 50 5
D 14 T. Taylor Whynot A. C. 340 10
D 15 M. Jackson Boston & District 2440 26
D 16 N. Mears Manchester Fed 0 0
D 17 C. Siddal Sussex County 200 7
D 18 B. Lucas Exeter & District 350 11
D 19 B. Thompson Broughton A. C. 30 4
D 20 N. Lloyd Grove Park A. C. 510 18
D 21 J. Sedgwick Listerhills Old Boys 470 17
D 22 D. English Radcliffe A. S. 380 12
D 23 A. Everatt Selby D. A. A. 2000 25
D 24 T. Frost Thames Angling 1420 22
D 25 C. Abbott Team Mosella Stike 1450 23
D 26 T. Randall Thorne & District 1010 19
Average Section Weight = 659.62 gm

Section E
E 01 C. Cunningham Taunton A. A. 2140 22
E 02 B. Miller Passies Tackle 730 15
E 03 S. Ashcroft Manchester Fed 300 7
E 04 K. Rowles Devizes A. A. 3500 24
E 05 D. Cloran Whitworth Valley A. S. 1770 20
E 06 G. Kitchen Listerhills Old Boys 230 4
E 07 G. Bott Whynot A. C. 440 10
E 08 P. Chatfield Sussex County 1130 17
E 09 P. Hayes Turners Tackle & Bait 1850 21
E 10 N. Dodds Selby D. A. A. 1300 19
E 11 D. Edgoose Boston & District 610 13
E 12 M. Whentnall Exeter & District 260 6
E 13 P. McCabe Ryburn & Halifax 3060 23
E 14 J. Walker Radcliffe A. S. 1050 16
E 15 D. Horne Broughton A. C. 70 1
E 16 J. Jarvis Team Mosella Stike 3530 25
E 17 G. Jewitt Tang Hall M. G. 150 2
E 18 L. Newson Sensas Team Image 620 14
E 19 R. Guise Swan A. C. Worcester 520 11
E 20 D. Constantinou Bracknell Herons 350 8
E 21 P. James Thames Angling 200 3
E 22 P. Jones Grove Park A. C. 440 10
E 23 L. Jones Grimsby & District 240 5
E 24 J. Hogg NCB No 5 530 12
E 25 B. Pugh Hodnet M. G. 4280 26
E 26 T. Poskitt Thorne & District 1160 18
Average Section Weight = 1,171.54 gm
Section F
F 01 P. Saltonstall Ryburn & Halifax 1170 16
F 02 A. Moore Broughton A. C. 750 11
F 03 A. Jagger Thorne & District 900 13
F 04 E. Heseltine Boston & District 40 2
F 05 K. Gray Listerhills Old Boys 1400 17
F 06 A. Collins Swan A. C. Worcester 1720 19
F 07 R. Greenwood Radcliffe A. S. 700 9
F 08 D. Stone Sussex County 1070 15
F 09 P. Elworthy Exeter & District 570 8
F 10 D. Sawyer Selby D. A. A. 860 12
F 11 T. Newell Taunton A. A. 1870 20
F 12 I. Petchley Passies Tackle 150 7
F 13 A. Smith Grimsby & District 80 4
F 14 R. Piercy Manchester Fed 40 2
F 15 S. Horridge Whitworth Valley A. S. 120 5
F 16 M. Halstead Bracknell Herons 2390 22
F 17 C. Underwood Thames Angling 80 4
F 18 J. Weedon Sensas Team Image 2900 24
F 19 R. Daykin NCB No 5 940 14
F 20 R. Chalk Tang Hall M. G. 150 7
F 21 R. Ayres Whynot A. C. 730 10
F 22 I. Burgoyne Team Mosella Stike 1670 18
F 23 R. Kepner Devizes A. A. 2920 25
F 24 A. Blair Grove Park A. C. 2410 23
F 25 N. Maynard Turners Tackle & Bait 3050 26
F 26 C. Roberts Hodnet M. G. 1900 21
Average Section Weight = 1,176.15 gm

Section G
G 01 J. Leivers NCB No 5 260 11
G 02 E. Best Thames Angling 250 9
G 03 R. Bishop Sensas Team Image 1450 22
G 04 M. Illingworth Thorne & District 1470 23
G 05 N. Mummery Boston & District 120 4
G 06 L. Brind Tang Hall M. G. 100 2
G 07 J. Mills Listerhills Old Boys 850 18
G 08 R. Bedford Radcliffe A. S. 220 7
G 09 D. Williams Whynot A. C. 110 3
G 10 D. Harvey Taunton A. A. 320 13
G 11 N. Franks Devizes A. A. 1090 19
G 12 S. Edwards Hodnet M. G. 310 12
G 13 T. Clark Passies Tackle 700 15
G 14 J. Hume Turners Tackle & Bait 750 17
G 15 D. McGuiness Grove Park A. C. 1150 20
G 16 J. Bailey Broughton A. C. 1760 25
G 17 K. Huggins Sussex County 720 16
G 18 B. Stewart Team Mosella Stike 1410 21
G 19 D. Townson Ryburn & Halifax 250 9
G 20 R. Wilding Manchester Fed 260 11
G 21 G. Spiller Exeter & District 1560 24
G 22 M. Bentley Whitworth Valley A. S. 20 1
G 23 R. Chapman Grimsby & District 140 5
G 24 G. Davies Bracknell Herons 1850 26
G 25 R. Darling Selby D. A. A. 150 6
G 26 M. Sampson Swan A. C. Worcester 340 14
Average Section Weight = 677.31 gm

Section H
H 01 M. Lock Exeter & District 750 12
H 02 T. Madden Passies Tackle 1280 17
H 03 N. Drew Whynot A. C. 590 10
H 04 I. Fieldhouse Ryburn & Halifax 1930 21
H 05 B. Walker Broughton A. C. 480 8
H 06 R. Parrish Hodnet M. G. 2280 23
H 07 S. Beale Taunton A. A. 840 15
H 08 S. Ward Grove Park A. C. 770 13
H 09 J. Briggs Boston & District 260 4
H 10 D. Shepherd NCB No 5 810 14
H 11 G. Joyce Bracknell Herons 1520 20
H 12 D. Collinson Tang Hall M. G. 4050 26
H 13 Ray Thames Angling 170 2
H 14 M. Tobias Sussex County 2650 24
H 15 P. Richardson Thorne & District 300 5
H 16 J. Sas Manchester Fed 3090 25
H 17 D. Roberts Grimsby & District 650 11
H 18 D. Scott Devizes A. A. 250 3
H 19 C. Coughlan Radcliffe A. S. 1420 19
H 20 J. Cain Whitworth Valley A. S. 70 1
H 21 J. Needham Listerhills Old Boys 470 7
H 22 J. Wilson Sensas Team Image 400 6
H 23 M. Pereversen Team Mosella Stike 1410 18
H 24 B. Wood Swan A. C. Worcester 560 9
H 25 B. Sharples Turners Tackle & Bait 860 16
H 26 M. Butterfield Selby D. A. A. 2140 22
Average Section Weight = 1,153.85 gm

Section J
J 01 P. Hoare Swan A. C. Worcester 460 3
J 02 G. Watson Selby D. A. A. 610 8
J 03 R. Ball Broughton A. C. 680 10
J 04 A. Bigg Radcliffe A. S. 1070 15
J 05 R. Thorne Listerhills Old Boys 1950 23
J 06 G. Godwin Turners Tackle & Bait 1500 18
J 07 P. Chatfield Passies Tackle 450 2
J 08 M. Olden Devizes A. A. 930 14
J 09 S. Crossley Ryburn & Halifax 490 4
J 10 M. Hoye Sensas Team Image 1500 18
J 11 B. Leathbarrow Grove Park A. C. 1090 16
J 12 C. Daly Team Mosella Stike 900 13
J 13 R. Cox Bracknell Herons 1650 20
J 14 G. Walker Whitworth Valley A. S. 560 7
J 15 Dennis Murray Tang Hall M. G. 540 6
J 16 M. Clark Grimsby & District 2340 25
J 17 S. Martin Thames Angling 1770 21
J 18 P. Illilngworth Thorne & District 3780 26
J 19 R. Slack Exeter & District 540 6
J 20 P. Yarwood Boston & District 650 9
J 21 M. Welch Hodnet M. G. 1520 19
J 22 E. Wilson Manchester Fed 0 0
J 23 S. Monger Whynot A. C. 2100 24
J 24 A. Forward Taunton A. A. 800 11
J 25 T. Wilson Sussex County 830 12
J 26 S. Farren NCB No 5 1900 22
Average Section Weight = 1,177.31 gm

Section K
K 01 R. Blight Swan A. C. Worcester 1220 18
K 02 M. Chambers Whynot A. C. 200 10
K 03 M. Hall Passies Tackle 500 15
K 04 W. Reynolds Sensas Team Image 1000 17
K 05 J. WHite Tang Hall M. G. 0 0
K 06 L. Moody NCB No 5 120 8
K 07 G. Fletcher Radcliffe A. S. 340 14
K 08 I. Moore Thames Angling 30 4
K 09 M. Griggs Boston & District 1400 20
K 10 S. Flint Bracknell Herons 230 11
K 11 G. Moore Thorne & District 60 5
K 12 R. Jaworskyj Whitworth Valley A. S. 140 9
K 13 S. Webster Listerhills Old Boys 1680 21
K 14 I. Williams Team Mosella Stike 250 12
K 15 P. Mulvaney Broughton A. C. 1710 22
K 16 P. Hitchman Turners Tackle & Bait 970 16
K 17 D. Hadwin Selby D. A. A. 110 6
K 18 A. Ford Manchester Fed 0 0
K 19 L. Chatfield Sussex County 5960 25
K 20 M. Gale Devizes A. A. 1400 20
K 21 P. Bailey Grove Park A. C. 120 8
K 22 C. Frith Grimsby & District 300 13
K 23 D. Rugman Taunton A. A. 10 3
K 24 P. Burrell Hodnet M. G. 2200 23
K 25 D. Kershaw Ryburn & Halifax 3170 24
K 26 C. Lemon Exeter & District 12390 26
Average Section Weight = 1,365.77 gm

Section L
L 01 S. Warriner Ryburn & Halifax 340 17
L 02 J. Spencer Manchester Fed 70 10
L 03 D. Thompson Whynot A. C. 30 7
L 04 S. Chatfield Passies Tackle 0 0
L 05 K. Nehls Thorne & District 800 21
L 06 C. Cloran Whitworth Valley A. S. 50 9
L 07 R. Palmer Exeter & District 0 0
L 08 M. Williams Team Mosella Stike 930 23
L 09 K. Heptonstall Selby D. A. A. 1630 26
L 10 B. Haigh Devizes A. A. 230 16
L 11 T. Nutt Hodnet M. G. 120 12
L 12 S. Stoke Thames Angling 0 0
L 13 S. Jackson Taunton A. A. 50 9
L 14 W. Cooper NCB No 5 210 14
L 15 M. Kirk Turners Tackle & Bait 20 6
L 16 N. Harvey Swan A. C. Worcester 1290 24
L 17 C. Hughes Broughton A. C. 0 0
L 18 J. Howcroft Radcliffe A. S. 810 22
L 19 P. Cross Grove Park A. C. 200 13
L 20 S. Evans Boston & District 220 15
L 21 J. White Grimsby & District 530 20
L 22 Donald Murray Tang Hall M. G. 0 0
L 23 B. Reynolds Sensas Team Image 430 19
L 24 D. Finnis Sussex County 370 18
L 25 M. Pratt Listerhills Old Boys 100 11
L 26 T. Goodson Bracknell Herons 1310 25
Average Section Weight = 374.62 gm

Section M
M 01 D. Dolan Broughton A. C. 1100 17
M 02 T. Golton Selby D. A. A. 600 13
M 03 D. Hunter Grove Park A. C. 1550 21
M 04 D. Evenett Tang Hall M. G. 160 8
M 05 J. Trollope Boston & District 250 12
M 06 P. Collier Hodnet M. G. 140 7
M 07 M. Codd Bracknell Herons 1250 19
M 08 D. Keenan Whitworth Valley A. S. 6300 26
M 09 D. Johnson Devizes A. A. 2360 25
M 10 R. Taylor Whynot A. C. 10 2
M 11 B. Hall Team Mosella Stike 1080 16
M 12 I. Dawson Listerhills Old Boys 2320 24
M 13 M. Collins Swan A. C. Worcester 1610 22
M 14 D. Briely Ryburn & Halifax 790 15
M 15 P. Harrop Turners Tackle & Bait 1190 18
M 16 D. Hall Thorne & District 1370 20
M 17 A. Reed Radcliffe A. S. 10 2
M 18 R. Bates Manchester Fed 170 9
M 19 G. Smith Sensas Team Image 250 12
M 20 A. Pierre Sussex County 90 6
M 21 S. Lamming Grimsby & District 20 3
M 22 J. Parkhouse Exeter & District 90 6
M 23 M. Miller Passies Tackle 50 4
M 24 Mike Giordano Thames Angling 780 14
M 25 D. Hickinbotham NCB No 5 240 10
M 26 D. Matravers Taunton A. A. 1900 23
Average Section Weight = 987.69 gm
|2003-06-02 09:14:00.000|2003-07-02 00:00:00.000|division_five_national_results
Input error: Assets/Images/Advanced_Carp/Adv Carp FC..jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1D03FD2A-72FB-4DF3-B497-A806C4BAA0EF|1|2003-06-12 10:09:39.000|2003-06-12 10:09:39.000|Assets/Images/Advanced_Carp/Adv Carp FC..jpg|Carp news… Carp news… Carp news|IT’S been a fantastic week for big carp with UK catches topped with the capture of a new record fish from Northants venue Ringstead Grange at a scale-busting 59lb 3oz.|

IT’S been a fantastic week for big carp with UK catches topped with the capture of a new record fish from Northants venue Ringstead Grange at a scale-busting 59lb 3oz.


The fish, known as ‘Lady’, was captured by Les Watts during a three-day session using a home-made, popped-up fishmeal and milk protein boilie, fished on ESP size 6 Raptor hooks and a 15lb Super Nova hook link. It’s the first time ‘Lady’ has been caught since 2001, and it’s clear this fish represents a threat to the British record.


ALSO fishing Ringstead was Kettering angler Mike Kirk, and he made the most of his 40-hour session by bagging a leather at 51lb. Mike’s winning tactics were to fish a Mainline Activ-8 boilie in the margins on in a size 8 Incizor hook and 10lb Super Mantis hook link. It’s the second 50lb carp Mike has bagged from the water.


THE famous Church Pool fish known in the carp world as ‘The Parrot’ has fallen to Derek Rance at 41lb 2oz. Fish known as ‘The Boxer’, ‘Wallace’ and ‘Scar’ have also been landed from the Horton water in the last week.


COLNMERE has thrown up one of its elusive residents in the shape of ‘The Black Mirror’ at a whopping 50lb 10oz. Steve Pagulatos bagged the sought-after carp, and has now landed three home-grown 50lb plus carp.


CARP legend Rod Hutchinson has set a new personal best after 18 years with a massive French mirror from the Mirror Pool in France. Rod’s PB had been a 58lb 6oz leather he landed from Lake Cassein in the south of France since 1985, but he’s just beaten that with a 61lb 8oz fish taken on his own MC Mix.


FRANK Warwick has also had a successful French jaunt, bagging fish of 57lb 11oz and 56lb 1oz from Lake Moffat. Frank was out there filming with Len Gurd.


THE tough Car Park Lake at Yateley’s first week of opening saw two sought-after fish landed – ‘The Dustbin’ at 41lb 10oz to Mark Waller and ‘Baby Orange’ at 37lb 12oz to Matt Halliday.


ANOTHER angler in big carp action over the Channel has been Didcot, Oxon rod Peter Jaremchuk. The 50-year-old fished an undisclosed lake over a week using Activ-8 frozen ready-mades at range and his efforts were rewarded with a fantastic 63lb mirror along with a fish of 39lb.


INCREDIBLY there has been another 50lb plus UK carp landed in the last seven days as well. Brett Bullock fished Shropshire’s Acton Burnell syndicate to land a fish known as ‘Bill’ at 51lb 8oz, and added fish of 42lb 6oz, 38lb 10oz and two at 34lb. All his fish fell for SBS baits new M1 boilies.

|2003-06-12 10:07:00.000|2003-07-12 00:00:00.000|carp_news…_carp_news…_carp_news
Input error: Assets/Images/Midland_Angler/Midland Angler FC.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|112684C9-6016-4FB3-BCC0-A9B2E731774B|1|2003-01-16 11:57:00.000|2003-01-16 11:57:00.000|Assets/Images/Midland_Angler/Midland Angler FC.jpg|Sales of Midland Angler on the up|MONTHLY angling newspaper Midland Angler, produced by Northamptonshire publisher DHP Ltd, is currently enjoying a 21 per cent increase in copy sales following design changes to its front cover in September.|

MONTHLY angling newspaper Midland Angler, produced by Northamptonshire publisher DHP Ltd, is currently enjoying a 21 per cent increase in copy sales following design changes to its front cover in September.

Midland Angler began life as an A3 newspaper in 2001 however, after a year of slow sales growth, the decision was made to redesign the front cover to imitate an A4 magazine in a bid to encourage newsagents to position the title with angling magazines rather than on the newspaper rack.

The redesign was supported by a direct mail campaign to all newsagents in the Central television area, who carry the publication.

Copy sales of the November 2002 issue of Midland Angler in particular have risen by a massive 49 per cent on last year, with total copy sales up by 9 per cent on previous issues.

Midland Angler editor Gareth Purnell commented: “The change of format has definitely brought the magazine to the attention of a huge new audience. We’re delighted with these brilliant new sales figures and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank those in the trade who continue to back us.”


|2003-01-22 11:55:00.000|2003-02-16 00:00:00.000|sales_of_midland_angler_on_the_up
Input error: Assets/Images/Midland_Angler/MA_April Cover (100).jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|16F88589-0D68-41F9-A94B-A9DB9ED4C982|1|2004-03-18 07:29:52.000|2004-03-18 07:29:52.000|Assets/Images/Midland_Angler/MA_April Cover (100).jpg|Midland Angler – latest issue|THE latest issue of Midland Angler, the only newspaper exclusively for anglers in the heart of England, includes an in-depth feature with Wayne Russon on how to win carp matches using popped up breadpunch.|

THE latest issue of Midland Angler, the only newspaper exclusively for anglers in the heart of England, includes an in depth feature with Wayne Russon on how to win carp matches using popped up breadpunch.


Also in the April issue, which is on the shelves now priced only £1.75:

Caster or bloodworm?

Two top Midlands match anglers go head to head on an in-form canal.

Follow the fishfinder
How Roy Marlow’s been using latest technology to find out about carp behvaviour.

Win a Matchbox MSX
Two of the new MatchBox seat boxes up for grabs.

Time for pole length and bait limits?
The England coach thinks so…

Bagging Waggler
Mark Sawyer’s guide to the deadly technique.

Where to Fish
Midlands venues in form plus more fishery spotlights.


First Impressions
Editor Gareth Purnell looks at the latest gear hitting the tackle shops…

Some anglers struggle to get Midland Angler either because it sells out or they are just outside the distribution region. The answer is to take out a 12-month subscription. You can claim a £5 discount of the normal price by

|2004-03-18 07:28:00.000|2004-04-18 00:00:00.000|midland_angler__latest_issue
Input error: Assets/Images/Tackle/ABURods[1].jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1A0C5157-07EB-48DA-A396-AC021C0D68AE|1|2003-03-13 06:50:22.000|2003-03-13 06:51:58.000|Assets/Images/Tackle/ABURods[1].jpg|New Abu rods – SPECIAL OFFER|Wow…after a couple of years in the wilderness, ABU have brought in Roy Marlow (Ex Daiwa consultant / designer) to produce a complete new range of float and leger rods. They’ve used totally new blanks, guides and handles to produce a whole range of no lockup rods.|

Wow…after a couple of years in the wilderness, ABU have brought in Roy Marlow (Ex Daiwa consultant / designer) to produce a complete new range of float and leger rods. They’ve used totally new blanks, guides and handles to produce a whole range of no lockup rods.
The new handle is the most obvious feature of this range, it’s big and chunky and totally different to any other rod handle we’ve ever seen. The reel seat is realigned to allow you to comfortable reach the rim of the reel spool with your finger, it also means that the reel is pointing directly at the butt ring.
The rings fitted to all of these new rods are on average 50% lighter than conventional rings and they have highly polished stainless steel centres, so they won’t chip or crack.
Once you actually try one of these new rods you will appreciate that the biggest improvement over previous rods is the amount of ‘feel’ that you get from a hooked fish. If you’ve ever used braid as a reel line you’ll know the feeling, you can feel every head shake, every movement of a hooked fish.
There are various models in the range, in fact there are four distinct price ranges from the top of the range Suveran models at around £200 down to the pair of Segra rods weighing in at under £100. All of the rods have all of the new features incorporated, the only difference between them is the actual carbon blank used to build the rods. The more expensive rods are lighter, slimmer and have greater feel and transmission. Each and every one is an absolutely superb rod that will give years of enjoyment and each one will be a pleasure to own.
You can purchase all of the rods in the range and at special knock-down prices of 10 per cent off too from our tackle shop at 

|2003-03-13 06:45:00.000|2003-04-13 00:00:00.000|new_abu_rods__special_offer
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/M. Win with Fin.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|13D6C4FF-1A09-48FD-A01D-ACF34549BC77|1|2002-08-09 07:40:41.000|2002-08-09 07:41:33.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/M. Win with Fin.jpg|Findlay through to Embassy final|VENUE specialists Andy Findlay and Mark Perkins grabbed a dramatic first place in a sell-out 100-peg eighth qualifying round of the Embassy Challenge, angling’s No.1 pairs competition, on Phase Three of the Preston Innovations Makin’s Fisheries at Wolvey on Wednesday. The Fin then went off and won an open!|

VENUE specialists Andy Findlay and Mark Perkins grabbed a dramatic first place in a sell-out 100-peg eighth qualifying round of the Embassy Challenge, angling’s No.1 pairs competition, on Phase Three of the Preston Innovations Makin’s Fisheries at Wolvey on Wednesday.
In a tense and exciting match,
Findlay, 34, and a bricklayer from Barsby, Leics, and Perkins, a 40-year-old foreman from Bingham, Notts, totalled 92 points as just ONE point separated the top THREE pairs!

But, with just one final spot up for grabs, it was Findlay and Perkins who will be jetting off on the specially-chartered Embassy Eagle plane for the all-expenses paid trip to the gala final in Spain next year (2003).

And Findlay then completed an incredible day’s fishing when he made the short trip to Mallory Park Fishery to win the three hour Wednesday Night Match with a 37.850 kg catch of carp and chub. He took home £70.

What a day – it’s been incredible, said a delighted Findlay, After I weighed in at the Embassy qualifier, I raced up to Mallory Park and just got there in time for the draw.

I have never been to Spain before and I can’t wait to fish in my second Embassy final. I qualified  for the final in Denmark in 1996 with John Clarke and we came eighth overall. I also recorded my best-ever match weight of 102.770 kg and it was a brilliant trip. Now I am sure Mark and I are going to have a fantastic time in Spain.

In the Embassy qualifier, Findlay weighed in 30 carp to just over 1kg for a weight of 14.200kg to finish seventh overall in the Individual. He fished shallow with caster on a size 18 hook at 13 metres near the island and then enjoyed a great last hour when he used paste on a size 12 hook at 11 metres.

I fish this water every week and I had a tremendous last hour while Mark also fished really well to win his section, added Findlay who is sponsored by Preston Innovations, Sensas and Korum.

Perkins (Dynamite Matchman Supplies) fished bread on a size 16 hook on the surface on a short line and landed carp up to 1.81 kg to win his section with 12 kg. He also lost a carp estimated at 5.45 kg but, in the end, that didn’t matter as they booked their place in the grand final. This was my first Embassy qualifier and I can’t wait to fish in Spain, said a happy Perkins.

In the calm and humid conditions, some anglers had to work hard for their fish as second place in the Pairs event went to Gary Wood, a 40-year-old enquiry officer with Warwickshire Police from Longford, Coventry, and Kevin Bostock, 37, and an angling shop assistant from Attleborough, Warwicks.

The Individual winner with 29.020 kg was Hallcroft ace Jamie Masson, a 30-year-old full-time angler from Maltby, South Yorks, who landed 60 carp up to 2.25 kg and two barbel to pick up £190. Fishing at 14½ metres to reeds on the far bank and at 13 metres down the edge, Masson used luncheon meat, cat meat and sweetcorn on a size 14 hook. Masson is one of the few anglers making a living from the sport as he said: I have been full-time for about 18 months, I do some coaching and teaching and the winnings from this match will help pay the mortgage.

EMBASSY CHALLENGE (Phase Three, Preston Innovations Makins Fisheries, Wolvey) (Top pair qualify for grand final in Spain) 1. Andy Findlay (Unattached) and Mark Perkins (Dynamite Matchman Supplies) 92 pts; 2. Gary Wood (Middy Central) and Kevin Bostock (Attleborough Angling Centre) 91 pts; 3. John Cockayne (Foster’s Tipton Van Den Eynde) and Ian Winter (Fox Match Hereford) 91 pts (Wood and Bostock take second place on superior combined weight – 29.150 kg to 24.970 kg)

 INDIVIDUAL: 1. Jamie Masson (Unattached) 29.020 kg; 2. Richard Kemp (Gedling Tackle) 23.120 kg; 3. Gary Wood (Middy Central) 20.600 kg; 4. Sean Huggins (Leicester Sensas) 19.390 kg; 5. Trevor Jeans (Milton Keynes AA) 17.250 kg; 6. Matthew Hodgetts 14.240 kg.