Online traders benefit from Swap Shop no fee policy


Revolutionary new fishing website has gained the upper hand with online fishing traders through providing a fee-free listing policy.


Popular trading site eBay recently hit the headlines for increasing their sellers fees, causing hundreds of sellers with online ‘shops’ to boycott in protest and calls into question just how big a slice of the pie sellers are willing to give away to the operating companies.


FSS Co-founder and successful Norfolk businessman believes that the emphasis should be on making trading sites as accessible for sellers as possible, as they are ultimately the attraction for buyers visiting the site.


“We have done our research and what is really important to traders is the freedom to list as many items as they want, without the fear of escalating fees cutting into their profits” explains David, who successfully ran two businesses before embarking on the Fishing Swap Shop with his fishing mad nephew Lee. “A fee-free listing strategy provides the perfect win-win situation for angling traders, and ensures that buyers get a real spectrum of goods on offer” adds David.


Launched on the 1st August,  provides the opportunity for anglers to swap or sell unwanted fishing gear and generate funds to purchase new equipment as their skill and interest in the sport grows.


Unlike many online trading sites, sellers can list items on the Fishing Swap Shop completely free of charge. There are also no additional fees payable if items are sold, providing sellers with the opportunity to keep 100 per cent of the profits of any sales.


In turn, higher profits for sellers mean that prices can be kept down which ultimately benefits the buyers as FSS Co-founder Lee Carver explains. “Good quality fishing equipment is often very expensive and can prevent many people from experimenting to see what’s so great about the sport” says Lee, whose passion for fishing led to the creation of the Fishing Swap Shop.  “For the first time, novice and younger anglers of all disciplines have a one-stop shop where they can get hold of good equipment at prices they can afford”.


And with additional incentives for Elite members, including the opportunity to win a boating holiday every month with Richardsons New Horizon, both buyers and sellers will wonder why the Fishing Swap Shop wasn’t launched years ago!