STARLETS VETS(GRATUTIES/ANNIVERSARIES/WILLOW)1.  Alan Hemming (Youngs TBF) 48 – 6      Peg 14    GRATUITIES       Crucians, Tench & Carp on Pole & Pellet2.  John Roberts (Packington) 41 – 93.  Billy Hawkes (Packington) 39 – 54.  Alan Robinson (Youngs TBF) 35 -13 
TONY’S OPEN                                 (LITTLE GEARYS)1.  J Clarkson (Packington) 61 – 4    2.  D Smith (Fishing Lodge) 61 – 24.  John Stockton (Barford AA) 33 -11
WEDNESDAY SOLIHULL ANGLING CENTRE OPEN  (MOLANDS)1.  Derek Hartshorn (Swann Baits) 112 – 1     Peg 102.  Andy Wooding (Maver Solihull AC)  51 – 83.  Susie Smith (Kobra Feeders)  39 – 04.  Steve Edwards (Packington)  38 – 6 
MAYPOLE AC                                          (GEARYS)1.  Ray Hassam  51 – 8   2.  Ray Chandler  46 – 4  3.  Alan Millichamp  45 – 8
HYMATIC AC                                    (LITTLE GEARYS)                                              1.  Mark Franklin 72 -11     Peg 212.  John Bushell 56 – 63.  Bob Evans 46 – 4
PACKINGTON VETS                            (MOLANDS)1.  Brian Overton (Packington) 58 – 9      Peg 45     Carp on Waggler & Pellet2.  Roger Atkins (Maver Solihul AC) 53 – 73.  Derek Hartshorn (Swann Baits)               51 – 0      4.  Ray Quiney (Packington) 43 -10                 

SATURDAY OPEN                                     (GEARYS)1.  Max Higgot (Gone Fishing Hinckley)  46 – 6    Peg 11     Carp on Method & Meat2.  Chris Taylor (Packington)     34 -103.  Derek Hartshorn (Swann Baits)   34 – 54.  Phil Hull (Lanes Bait)   32 -12      YARDLEY WOOD SOCIAL                (LITTLE GEARYS)1.  Colin Geens   99 -15   Peg 13     F1’s on Pellet/Waggler 2.  Martin Geens   95 – 73.   68 – 6
SUNDAY OPEN                                        (MOLANDS)1.  Dave Duggan (Dams & Locks)     82 – 4      Peg 45       Carp & Skimmers on Method & Pellet2.  Susie Smith (Kobra Feeders)     56 – 13.  Alan Hill (Beaufort AC)     52 – 54.  Ray Quiney (Packington)     51 – 9
TORNADOES AC                                       (GEARYS)1.  Ray Durant     59 -14    Peg 112.  Matt Jenkins     53 -123.  Ginger Allen     50 -14

MOLANDS   Molands improved this week with carp and skimmers showing best and the F1’s not feeding in numbers.  Match weights to over 100lb caught with carp to 14lb and some big skimmers being caught.  The best tactics have been a small method or pellet feeder with 6mm hard pellet, meat or punched bread on the hook and you need to get tight to the island for the better catches.  Paste fished down the near margin is also working well.  Best pegs are 2 – 6, 10, 17, 27 – 33, 41 – 46 and 54 – 60.
GEARYS    Gearys is still fishing pretty hard for the time of year although improved towards the weekend.  Carp and skimmers are making up the better catches with match weights to 60lb and pleasure anglers enjoyed the bigger bags fishing into the evenings and some 100lb+ bags were reported.  Straight lead and pellet has been the best tactic for carp and pellet or paste fished close in is best for mixed nets.  Top pegs are 7, 9 – 15, 19 – 21, 27 – 30 and 36.

LITTLE GEARYS    Fished really well this week with club matches winning with nearly 100lb and plenty of 50lb catches coming from all areas.  The top method at the moment is to fish a pellet waggler with 6 or 8mm pellets close up to the island.  F1’s in the 1 – 3lb bracket providing the best action but good nets of carp, skimmers and tench also coming out.  Best pegs are 5, 7, 9 – 13, 19, 21, 26 and 27.
GRATUITIES    Pleasure anglers had the pool to themselves this week and good mixed nets of carp, tench, skimmers and crucians are being caught.  Pole fished pellet at between 8 – 12 metres have caught lots of fish along with a small method feeder fished up to the island.  Fished best along the far bank with pegs 9 – 15 all in good form.                                                                                                    
WILLOW    Always popular, Willow has provided great sport this week with anglers enjoying success to a variety of tactics.  Plenty of carp being caught off the top on bread or dog biscuit and fish to double figures have been caught on this.  Pole and pellet are producing good mixed catches and corn or meat fished tight into the margins is also working well.  Best pegs 1, 5, 6, 9 and 10 – 12.
SIBLINGS   A quiet week but those that fished Siblings enjoyed some good sport.  Carp still being caught off the top and fish in the 6 – 10lb bracket are coming to dog biscuit.  Lots of crucians and skimmers being caught on pellet or maggot fished over ground bait.  Best pegs are on the two points fished back towards the reed beds.
ANNIVERSARIES   This is another pool that has been in good form over the past week.   Anglers have enjoyed catching lots of fish with crucians, skimmers and tench providing the bulk of the action but a number of carp from 2lb up to doubles have also been caught this week.  Pellet, corn and meat have all been catching well and best, fished close in to the near margins or tight up to any of the islands.
FORTHCOMING MATCHESSATURDAY 11th AUGUST – OPEN – LITTLE GEARYS Draw 9am, fish 10am to 3pm.SUNDAY 12th AUGUST – OPEN – MOLANDS Draw 9am, fish 10am to 3pmEVERY WEDNESDAY – TONY’S OPEN – LITTLE GEARYSDraw 9am, fish 10.30 am to 3.30pm.EVERY WEDNESDAY – SOLIHULL ANGLING CENTRE OPEN – MOLANDSDraw 1pm, fish 2pm to 7pm.   
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