STARLETS VETS                                            (ANNIVERSARIES/MOLANDS/WILLOW)
1.  Ron Savage (Lanes Bait)  48 – 0          Peg 1 ANNIVERSARIES
     Carp & Tench on Pole & Pellet
2.  John Smith (Solihull)   46-1     Peg 2 WILLOW
     Skimmers on Pole & Pellet 
3.  Gary Powney (Lanes Bait)   41 – 2
4.  Eric Butler (Birmingham)   34 – 12

WEDNESDAY OPEN                           (MOLANDS)
1.   Warren Beach (Alvechurch Fishery)  72 – 11          Peg 46
      F1’s, Tench & Crucians on Short Pole & Corn
2.   Lee Richards (Sensas) 56 – 4
3.   Joe Roberts (Kamasan Starlets)   51 – 9
4.   John Burchell (Packington)  51 – 8

1.   Tony Musticone (Alvechurch Fishery)   52 – 5        Peg
2.   Dave Lightowers (Central Trains)   51 – 10
3.   Dave Bloose (Alvechurch Fishery)   44 – 12
4.  Marck Stibbs (Beaufort AC)  41 – 2
4.  John Stockton (Beaufort AC  41  – 2

MAYPOLE AC                                             (GEARYS)
1.  Ray Taylor  63 – 8         Peg 16
     Carp & Bream on Pole & Paste
2.  Ray Chandler    52 – 8
3.  Pete Robinson    52 – 8

PACKINGTON VETS                              (GEARYS & LITTLE GEARYS)
1.   Ron Savage (Lanes Bait)  67 – 0         Peg 16
      Skimmers on Pole & Caster
2.   John Batey (Castle Bromwich)  51 – 4
3.   John Smith (Solihull)  45 – 6
4.   John Lowe (Coleshill)  37 – 6

SATURDAY OPEN                                    (MOLANDS)
1.   Steve Ringer (Guru/Shimano/Dynamite Baits) 67 – 0         Peg 44
      Carp on Feeder & Pellet                   
2.   Steve White (Kobra Feeders)     56 – 1
3.   Dave Elliot (Packington)    49 – 12
4.   Joe Roberts (Kamasan Starlets)    46 – 7    

DUDLEY RODS & REELS AC                             (MOLANDS)
1.   Mark Hawthorne    45 – 7          Peg 46     
      Carp on Shallow Waggler & Pellet      
2.   Simon Evans    36 – 1
3.   Paul Postin       30 – 12

SUNDAY OPEN                                              (GEARYS)
1.  Derek Hartshorn (Swann Baits)   57 – 7             Peg 32
     Carp on Method & Meat
2.  Paul Hunter (Pauls Fodder)   57 – 3    
3.  Lee Richards (Sensas)    49 – 2
4.  Roy Beasley (Packington)   46 – 9


MOLANDS   Fished pretty well through the week but the high pressure and flat calm conditions made it fish a little harder at the weekend.  The most consistent area has been around Scarecrow point with pegs 43 – 47 producing the best catches.  Carp, Tench and F1’s are the main species being caught on the feeder, fished tight up to the island.  The Skimmers and Bream are showing along the early pegs from 2-12 with catches to 50lb of these in matches this week.  Pole fished, chopped worm and caster or expander pellet have worked best along these pegs.  Other notable pegs have been 17, 19 and 25-30.

GEARYS   The pleasure anglers have enjoyed the best of the action on Gearys, particularly late in the day with lots of Carp in the 6-15lb range showing.  Paste or corn fished down the edge has been working well.  Of the matches, catches to 70lb but lost of 40-50lb bags being caught from all areas but the shallower water on pegs 19-25 have been the best areas.  Matches have been won on method feeder with meat or pellet on the hook.

LITTLE GEARYS   Although weights have not been spectacular the fishing has been very fair with fish being caught all around the pool  F1’s, skimmers, tench and crucian have made up the catches and pole with pellet at 8-12 meters is the most popular tactic, although as the weather warms the bigger catches will be made fishing shallow.

GRATUITIES   Fishing well all around the pool, but the hot pegs are still 7, 8, 9, 15 & 16.  Carp, tench and crucians are producing the bulk of the catches with either pole and pellet fished long or a small method / pellet feeder fished to the island with expander pellet, meat, punched bread or corn the top hook baits.

ANNIVERSARIES  Popular with pleasure anglers this week with pegs 1-6 and 21-24 in good form.  Carp to 17lb caught along with plenty of smaller samples, tench, crucians and skimmers.  Pellet, corn or meat fished right up to the islands or features is the best approach.

WILLOW  Lots of silver fish coming out on all pegs with skimmers and roach falling to caster or maggot.  The tench and carp are responding better to bigger baits, with paste or meat working well fished down the near margin or across to the island.


Draw 9am, fish 10am to 3pm.

Draw 9am, fish 10am to 3pm.

Draw 9am, fish 10am to 3pm.

Draw 1pm, fish 2pm to 7pm 

Please note the fishery is now open at 6am.

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Last week there were 173 rods who caught 662 fish for an average of 3.82.

Despite the flat calm and bright conditions the Fishery has been in great form this week.  There are lots of tactics working with imitative flies such as Shipman’s, buzzer, bloodworm, damsel nymph, pheasant tail nymph, black gnat and red or black buzzers, are all working well on floating lines with cats whisker, black tadpole, fritz lures and minkies working best sunk deep and fished slow on a sinking line.

The weeks biggest Rainbow as a 11lb fish caught by Eric Holloway of Birmingham who was fishing the Great Pool from a boat and he took it on a GRHE fished on a floating line.  Mr B Healey of Coventry caught and released a fish estimated at 11-12lbs from the bank of Cocks Close.  Andrew Mein of Nuneaton put one back at 10lb on the Great Pool and this was the best of a 7 fish catch all taken on Damsels and Horses ears.  Lots of fish in the 3-4lb range and everybody is saying how well the fish are fighting at the moment.

Best area’s are the high bank and road bank of Cocks Close although there are fish moving all around the pool.  Likewise on the members bit, the deeper water nearer the dam walls are best on the Great Pool, Park Meadow and Hall Pool.
Contact the Fishery on 01676 522754 or check out our website on