Spring League Results – Final Match:  Sunday 17th April 2011 – Stuarts Lake:
1st    Chris Walters (Tipton) 53lb 10oz
2nd    Barry Hall (Maver Fosters) 22lb 12oz
3rd     Ivan Norman (Shatterford)  22lb 11oz
4th     Phil Whitehouse (West Bromwich) 21lb 11oz
Overall League Winner:  Phil Whitehouse (West Bromwich)
Other Catches:
13.4.11  G Reidy (Walsall)  34lb 9oz Catfish & several carp up to 18lb – 3 days on Erics using luncheon meat & pop ups. (Pic Attached)
14.4.11  Justin Douglas (Whitby) 32lb 4oz Cat & 10 carp including 19lb common – Stuarts using live trout & floating pellets
14.4.11   Simon Douglas (Coventry) 19lb cat + 5 carp to 15lb (common) – Stuarts using live trout & floating pellets
15.4.11   Daven Percival (Halesowen) 30lb 8oz catfish – Masters using meat
17.4.11   Mark Sutton (Leamington Spa) 20lb 7oz catfish – Peg 6 Erics using meat.
17.4.11   Wes Prestage (Walsall) 22lb Mirror, 16lb Common & 14lb Ghost Carp – Masters on Luncheon Meat & Boilies.
 Shatterford Lakes CatfishShatterford Lakes Carp