Last week 116 rods caught 186 fish for an average of 1.60.

The fishery is still in decent form for July with most anglers enjoying a bit of action. A large proportion of the fish being caught are in the 3 – 5lb bracket with the best fish of the week, a 6lb 2oz rainbow caught by Mr R Gardner of Austrey who was fishing a Bloodworm pattern on a floating line from the bank of Cocks Close. Allen Dannfeld of Abingdon caught and released a fish estimated at 6lb and another of 4lb 8oz in a three fish catch from a boat on Cocks Close and these all came to a GRHE fished on a floating line. Les Garside of Nuneaton took fish to 3lb 8oz in a seven fish catch from a boat on the Great Pool and all these came to a small black Minkie fished on an intermediate line. Lorrie Veasey of Coventry caught eight fish from the Hall Pool and these were taken on Buzzers on a floating line.

The best patterns are small Hoppers, CDC Emergers, GRHE Nymph, black or olive Buzzer, Bloodworm and Damsel Nymph.

The lodge corner and wires bank on Cocks Close remain the hotspots and the dam wall areas on Great Pool and Hall Pool are still fishing the best on the members, pools.

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