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Last week 83 rods caught 181 fish for an average of 2.26 per rod.
The best fish last week was a 12lb 1oz caught by *Mr E McIlwaine of Coventry who was fishing from a boat and took it on a Damsel Nymph.  Gary Cooper of Sutton Coldfield took an 8lb rainbow whilst fishing from a boat on Park Meadow pool and this fell to a black Lure.  Messrs A Miles and T Bayliss shared a boat on Cocks Close and both took five fish limits with fish to 4lb and these came to black Tadpoles fished on an intermediate line.  On the Great Pool, Andrew Moulder of Dorridge caught six fish to 4lb fishing from a boat and these all came to a Zonker Lure fished on a sinking line.

Generally the fishing has been a little more difficult with strong winds affecting the action.  The best areas have been the boat jetty corner and the high bank of Cocks Close, and the middle island and shallow water is best on Great Pool.

Best patterns are black Tadpole, Cats Whisker, white Fritz, Appetizer, Bloodworm, Zonkers, orange Blobs and Gold Head Damsel.

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*Photograph of 12lb 1oz rainbow caught by Mr E McIlwaine.