Zebco Europe Ltd is proud to introduce the Quantum ‘Exo Skeletal’ design which sets numerous new benchmarks in reel innovation by eliminating unnecessary weight contribution without compromising on the power. The initial design of Exo Skeletal was present in our ‘Smoke’ reel and in a more detailed way in the ‘Energy PTi’.

The strategy from the outset was to design and build the lightest possible reels without any sacrifice to performance. The concept “Metal where it matters” meant a construction of something completely new that has never been tried before, the results were truly remarkable. Using the finest raw materials and the extensive experience of our engineers, the outcome was the Exo skeletal design which is 38% stronger than magnesium and six times stronger than graphite composite frame. The result is an absolute innovation in the first Quantum reel with an external skeleton and the lightest product we have ever manufactured.

I can hear the cogs turning in your brain, and you asking ‘surely this reel cannot be strong enough’. Well, if you don’t believe our words then simply visit either the micro-site on http://www.quantumfishing.com/exo or www.zebco.tv. You will witness some extreme methods in testing, one of which involves a 4X4 truck repeatedly running over the reel.

There are two different styles of EXO reel available, a front drag version and a baitcaster, with a choice of sizes for your suiting. To complement these extraordinary reels we offer a series of spinning rods that are the perfect match for the Exo reels.

This range is set to turn many heads and convert many anglers into EXO fanatics, as if you want to be at the forefront of technology and innovation you can find no better partner than Quantum which is ‘tried and tested for specialist anglers’.