Last week 95 rods caught 284 fish for an average of 2.98.             

The largest fish of the year was caught this week, a *17lb 10oz rainbow which fell to Yuri Bukovych of Birmingham who was fishing from the bank of Cocks Close and he took it on a small green Nymph fished on a floating line.  Mr J Davies of Chelmsley Wood showed patience pays off after spending most of the day fishless, he hooked a rainbow of 10lb 5oz on his last cast.  This one fell to a Cats Whisker Lure fished on an intermediate line and was also caught from the bank of Cocks Close.  Tom Lyon of Yardley was fishing from the bank on Cocks Close and took his five fish limit and returned a further six fish which all fell to a Bloodworm pattern fished on a floating line.
On the members’ waters, the recently re-opened Hall Pool has been in good form with plenty of fish moving on the top.  Mick Hanson of Nuneaton caught six fish to 3lb using small Buzzers fished on a floating line while fishing from a boat on there.  On the Park Meadow pool, Andrew Mein of Nuneaton caught six fish to 3lb on a small white Tadpole.
The best areas have been the sand bank corner and wires bank of Cocks Close.  On the Hall Pool, close in along the bank, on both sides of the pool has been picking up plenty of fish and the Park Meadow pool is best in the deeper water on the middle of the pool.
Top patterns are Bloodworm, Corixa, Cats Whisker, GRHE, Gold Head Damsel, black or olive Buzzer and White Minkies.       
Cocks Close opens at 8am and closes at dusk. 
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