The fishery re-opened on Wednesday 13th May and so far, it has been very busy but everyone has been adhering to the Social Distancing policy put in place. We pride ourselves on giving lots of room between pegs and this has also benefitted the fishery at this time. From day one it has been busy but not overfull as we have also limited the amount of anglers allowed on.

The fishing has been very good with all of the pools producing great catches and some very nice fish. On Molands, there have been lots of big double figure carp and at least three 20lb fish have been caught with boilies fished tight across to the island working best for the carp anglers.

There have been lots of F1s showing to pellet/method feeder shallow. On Gearys, the biggest carp reported has been 21lb 8oz. There have been lots of doubles showing to bottom baits such as boilies or pellets or off the top on dog biscuits. Little Gearys has seen big catches of F1s coming to shallow pellet or down the edge with corn over micros. Willow has been in good form with F1s and carp coming to corn/worm down the margins or waggler to the island. The quietest pool has been Gratuities but those that have chosen to fish there are catching lots of carp from 2 – 10lb with corn or meat down the edges the best tactic. All of the other pools have offered really good sport too throughout this opening period.

Prices are £9.50 day and £7.50 concession. We are not doing morning tickets at the moment but will allow afternoon tickets if available. Please contact the fishery on 01676 523833. All of the pools will be available to pleasure anglers for the present time with no matches allowed. We will not allow more than one angler per car unless members of the same family or the same household.

Contact the lodge on 01676 523833 for further details or check out our website on Also see us on Facebook (Packington Fisheries).