Paradise Lake
Limoges, France

is one of the outstanding big carp and catfish waters in France. Lovingly built by the hand of owner Tony, this well equipped site comprises two main lakes, Kingfisher at 10 acres and Etang la Roche (four acres).

The owner with a typical Kingfisher Lake forty.
Kingfisher is the main carp water and holds over 25 different fish over the magical 50lb barrier and two over 70lb. The venue also boasts some 45 carp over 40lb, another 75 over 30lb, 125 over 20lb and 50 doubles. What’s more these fish are in fantastic condition and are being caught regularly. Perhaps the most impressive statistic is the every single visitor to this beautiful complex in the heart of France since it was established over eight years ago has caught at least one 20lb plus carp and over 65% have banked at least one thirty. Based on stock levels alone there is a 2% chance of catching a 60lb to 70lb fish and an impressive 5% of all visitors have had a magical ‘fifty’ with the average weight of fish caught standing at 27lb.
No wonder the venue’s creator Tony Morrell says that Paradise Lakes doesn’t just sell holidays, it offers a real chance to make your carp angling dreams come true. It’s a totally private and peaceful setting with parking for up to ten vehicles but only eight anglers at a time allowed on the venue. You can go it alone or enlist the help of the venue’s full time pro angler, who is available 24-7.
Etang La Roche is available for exclusive bookings only, and at four acres it’s ideal for parties of up to six anglers.
The well-appointed Lodge sleeps up to six, with one double and one further room with four singles.
Etang La Roche is home to some huge cats.
The lodge’s facilities include shower and English toilet, comfortable lounge and fitted kitchen with microwave, fridge, freezer and gas cooker etc and English power sockets throughout. The balcony and patio with barbecue ensure that you’ll enjoy your time in this peaceful hamlet. Other facilities to make you feel on holiday include a shower and toilet, two bedrooms,  fitted kitchen (microwave, fridge, freezer, gas cooker etc), patio and barbeque.
The tranquil lake just a few paces from the lodge is home to over two and a half tons of carp, the excellent stock averages over 20lb with a good number of specimens well in the mid and upper thirties. Complementing this, the lake has excellent stocks of roach to over a pound, rudd to 3lb, tench to 7lb and some superb catfish to over 80lb, which make excellent sport for the pleasure angler and specimen hunter alike.
Carp are the predominant species though with mirrors, commons, grass and koi, with sizes ranging from 5kg to 20kg.
Over the last two seasons, overall catches averaged 65 carp per week for four anglers fishing days and nights at Etang la Roche and over 85% of anglers fishing here achieved personal bests.
Most of the best results were obtained using the venue’s own baits which are available in a well stocked tackle shop and after taking advice from the venue’s professionals.
Says owner Tony Morrell: “I’ve been lucky enough to have fished hundreds of different carp waters over the world and caught some fantastic fish myself. I know what I’m talking about when I say that Paradise Lakes is something very special indeed. Many people ask me if we have any so called ‘nuisance fish’ in the lake. I’m not sure what they mean. If 20s,30s and 40s come under the bracket of ‘nuisance’ fish, then I would suggest you book somewhere else. If you are happy to catch 20s, 30s and 40s and are patient, then there is every chance that the next fish will be even bigger than that!”
The venue has an excellent website and one of the great things about it is that it is regularly updated with latest catch reports throughout the season, including many thirty, forty and 50lb fish including a new lake record of over 58lb. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the number of fish taken – surely all the proof you need that this is indeed a venue that is something out of the ordinary.




Venue Fact File

Paradise Lakes, Limoges, France
Tel: Call 0207 407 4550.
What It Costs:
Etang La Roche, £1000 per week for exclusive bookings.
Kingfisher Lake (big), £300 per person per week.
Kingfisher Lake (big); £1800 per week for exclusive bookings.
NEW, Winter Fishing Breaks, Prices from £150 per person per week for carp and pike to 40lb.
Bait and tackle: The venue has a well stocked tackle shop which sells its own special bait, the EXB range, which has proved incredibly successful. This bait range can be purchased at the tackle shop – parti mix, bottom baits, pop-ups, bait dips, nuggets and two types of pellets. A protein base mix is also available “This fish food has been tried and tested by myself over the past seven years and has achieved outstanding results in growth and protection against disease,” says Tony, “We also have an extensive range of products for treating and controlling the lake’s water quality, ensuring a healthy ecosystem. Price details are on the website.” As of 2004 the bait range is also available in the UK and can be obtained from Poacher Baits in Dartford, Kent. Call 0207 407 4550 for more details.
How to get there: Paradise Lakes is 16 miles from Limoges and only ten minutes from the nearest motorway. If you prefer to fly, the nearest airport is only 15 minutes away, yet you could be 1000 miles from civilisation.

Kingfisher Lake: On arriving in Calais head straight out of the port and pick up the A1 (on the first signs you see) for Paris. Just as you reach the outskirts of Paris and the first edges of the Rue Peripherique follow the signs for Bordeaux and the A3. This becomes the A86 and then the A10. Always follow Bordeaux the signs do tend to dry up every now and again but they will return! This road then splits offering you either Clermont Ferrand or Limoges. Choose Limoges this road then becomes the A71. Follow this for a further 50 miles where you are once more signposted to Limoges, this road joins the A20. Follow this to junction 26 approximately 90 miles and leave following the signs for Compreignac. Kingfisher lake is just four miles from the main road and easy to find. Follow the road until you see a sign for Maudan, turn left up this small road and the lake will come into view in front of you.
Etang La Roche: Follow the above directions up to the A20, marked in white. Follow this to junction 23.1 approximately 70 miles and leave following the signs for Bessines and Chateauponsac. On arriving at Chateauponsac continue through traffic lights and take the first left signposted ROUSSAC (church on corner of turning). Approximately 11 km you’ll arrive in ROUSSAC village. Go straight over the crossroads in centre of village, continue for about 3km, look for sign on your right ‘CHALIVAT’. Directly after sign turn right into courtyard and continue through, this lane takes you directly to the lake.




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