Paul Dennis, best known for his distinguished career working as Deputy Editor on the Anglers Mail, is to join Total Sea Fishing magazine as Editor, it has been announced today. Paul will replace Barney Wright, who has taken the decision to leave DHP for a sabbatical.

Paul commented:”I’m very excited to be joining DHP and especially Total Sea Fishing. It is a brilliant opportunity on two fronts, first, to take the responsibility for a hugely respected title, second, to do more sea fishing.
“I’ve always enjoyed sea fishing, but living in the midlands for most of my life I’ve been limited to stolen sessions on family holidays – and by the very small amount of tackle that I was able to squirrel away in the car.
“Now that I’m living closer to the coast I’ve got the chance to put in some serious sessions, and with the brilliant team of writers on Total Sea Fishing I know I’ll be getting the best tips and advice available too.”

Total Sea Fishing Magazine publisher, David Hall added: “I’m delighted to welcome Paul on board – we have known each other for a good many years, and I have always enjoyed the sterling work he did for the Anglers Mail. Living in the Croydon area, he is logistically well positioned to more than ably cover the South Coast first hand – and he will be well supported by a host of very competent journalists from around the British coastline.
He is a totally different type of journalist to Barney Wright, who we are obviously disappointed to lose, but I think Paul will bring some fresh ideas to the magazine. With 16 years experience of working on a news desk, I think he will bring a greater urgency to Total Sea. I look forward with great enthusiasm to working with him in coming years.”