The saying ‘horses for courses’ certainly applies to Phil Hull, who comes into his own when the temperature plummets. 

Phil has won the last two opens at Makins Fishery, breaking the ice both times to record easy wins with 15-12-0 (Lake Four) and 23-14-0 (Lake Five), the latter catch including some big perch and hybrids among the roach averaging 2-4oz. 
Phil goes out-and-out for the sliver fish in these conditions, fishing caster or pinkie over groundbait laced with the same baits, plus some chopped worm. 
There are opens at Makins every Wednesday and Thursday, virtually whatever the weather – contact John Adamson at .

Pic: Phill Hull (Lane’s Baits, Coventry) with a superb 23lb bag of roach and quality perch and hybrids taken after breaking the ice at Makin’s Fioshery’s Lake Five.