Although Chilly did catch at Linear Fisheries in Part One of ‘A Winter’s Tale’, broadcast by The Carp Channel, a ridiculous Siberian snap meant that it was, well, pretty damn hard.And not to be beaten, he’s intent on showing us just how effective maggots can be in winter for quality carp.


The venue he’s chosen is Ash Pond Fishery in the romantic sounding Avalon Flats near Yeovil in Somerset. In fact he’s already had three fish from the three-lake water near Yeovil before the cameramen arrives, and he uses the opportunity when they do to show how to go about the business of self-take photographs of carp.

Chilly’s fishing a three-rod approach to cover the water on this intimate, silty lake, as he shows how to look after your bait and utilise small PVA bags to feed the swim by catapult.And as darkness descends, all hell breaks loose… with incredible winter action continuing into the morning – all of them winter stunners!‘

A Winter’s Tale: Part Two’ is free to view online, on mobile and on Samsung Smart TVs, split into three parts, in the January/February issue of The Carp Channel.

To watch online or mobile, click on the link below and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist. To watch on Samsung Smart TV, download the Fishing TV app from the Lifestyle section.


In the same issue you ‘Chilly’ also talks to Adam Penning about their respective cold weather carping approaches and he reveals the rig that caught him Spike from Manor Farm, plus the only video news bulletin for carp anglers and much, much more….

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