The PAC has launched a major recruitment drive with the chance to enter the draw to win a brand new boat every time you recruit someone.


Any member can enter the competition – even if they’ve only just joined.


All they have to do is recruit people to join the club using a special membership form with a box to write their membership number in, so we know who recruited someone when they join.


Every time someone joins, they get entered in the draw to win a brand new 12ft Sea Nymph, a real pike angler’s workhorse of a boat.


“Getting more pike anglers to join the PAC is one of our biggest priorities,” said PAC membership secretary John Cahill.


“Everyone you joins makes the voice that sticks up for the pike and pike fishing stronger. They also get to enjoy all the benefits of belonging to the club for all pike anglers.”


You can find out more about the promotion here:


Forms to enter can be downloaded here.