Sweetcorn is very visual, and when popped up it becomes even more obvious to the fish.

It’s important to use the correctly coloured foam – yellow with natural corn, red with red sweetcorn and so on.

One major advantage of the foam is that it takes on flavour well and, therefore, can give the bait added attraction.

Rig foam should be available in various colours from your local tackle shop specialising in carp gear. For this test we used a ready-tied hair loop braid hook link incorporating a size 8 hook.

Step 1
Cut a piece of rig foam into a shape similar to a grain of corn.
Step 2
Put the rig foam onto the baiting needle, followed by a couple of real grains of corn.
Step 3
Grab the hair loop and pull it through.
Step 4
Secure using a boilie stop, or a piece of reed.
Step 5
The finished article requires a No4 shot to hold it down.