• High Abrasion
• Low Diameter
• Fluorocarbon Coated
• Super Smooth
• Long Lasting
• High Knot Strength
• Ultra Limp
• High Wet Knot Strength
• Slow Sinking

Fluorocarbon Coated Specialist Carp Line

Producing any line is a question of objectives, decisions and compromise. Higher linear strength is usually at the expense of knot strength and softness. Higher abrasion resistance adversely effects softness. Suppleness and long casting usually effects abrasion resistance.

It’s all a question of striking the right balance. The benefit of being in the line business in all areas is that you come up against all sorts of extreme challenges which have to be overcome. Match lines need great strengths, hook lengths require extreme softness, beach lines extreme abrasion resistance and softness for castability. The problem producing a great carp line is that it needs it all. That’s why we are so pleased with what we have achieved with Power Carp because we think that we have it all in one product in perfect balance.

Development has been the keyword at Ultima in recent years and our wealth of experience has been brought into play in the development of Power Carp. So much was achieved over the two years it took to develop Power Plus that this has formed an invaluable platform on which other great lines can be developed.

In the last two years we have greatly expanded our grass roots feedback from a team of dedicated field testers who have driven us towards new performance levels in our Carp lines. Power Plus is of course a superb carp line and will become a market leader in this field as people realise its versatility. However, some felt that there was the need to develop an even higher specification for the dedicated carp angler and even before Power Plus was finished a new project was already emerging as a concept in its own right. Power Carp is the result.

High quality copolymers similar to those used in Power Plus have given Power Carp an incredibly high linear and knot strength which is key to a high quality carp line. As with all the rest of our Hi-tech products, production is carried out in low volumes under carefully controlled conditions to ensure accuracy of diameter and consistent quality.

Using the same technology developed a few years ago for our XT7 product Power Carp benefits from a unique two stage softening process that makes it around 19% softer than a standard Hi-Tech Monofil. The second stage of this softening process involves the application of a fluorocarbon coating which is also responsible for waterproofing the line. As many people know monofilament absorbs water when submerged. This water absorption swells the line and reduces the knot strength by 10 -15% after being in water for any period of time. Because Power Carp is water resistant, this no longer happens, so Power Carp maintains its knot strength at maximum no matter how long it is in use. This is an incredible bonus to the carp angler who may have his lines out for many hours at a time and never needs to worry about a drop in knot strength.

New materials tested and incorporated into Power Plus have been incorporated into Power Carp. Abrasion resistance has been increased by 600% over normal mono and this has been achieved using the latest materials and techniques which have no detrimental effect on softness.

Power Carp has been carefully designed to have a perfect balanced stretch factor of 21%, giving good contact at distance, but also just enough give to avoid snapoffs from sudden takes and runs.

Thoroughly tested in the field for over 6 months prior to launch, Power Carp has exceeded its specification comfortably and in line with Ultima’s policy on specification the diameters and breaking strains indicated on the label are exactly what you get on the spool.

Power Carp delivers the ultimate linear strength possible, in unique combination with suppleness, castability and high abrasion resistance. An extremely soft and user friendly line with a high knot strength is maintained at the maximum no matter how long it is in use.

I have used many lines in the past but never felt as confident as using Ultima’s 16lb Power Carp in France. It has banked me many fish, I have no need to worry about the line not doing its job, I can fish with great ease and confidence as I know the line will never let me down. It does what it says, and it does it for me.”
Mike Herrington 

 “Everything I look for in a mainline the Power Carp has fulfilled my needs. Unlike some other fluorocarbon coated lines, Ultima’s Power Carp knots and casts extremely well and has limited stretch. The line is extremely durable and it becomes even more friendly after it has been used a few times and has had time to bed in. I have used the Power Carp on a venue where the fish are incredibly line-shy and good line lay and line concealment are of paramount importance. In short the Power Carp has performed superbly and shows no sign of needing to be replaced.”
Jerry Bridger 

“I gave Power Carp one of the most thorough tests I could in the Ebro in Spain. Having used Ultima line before I was confident to give it to the rest of the party straight away. We found it to be an awesome line to cast with. Excellent line lay and very low visibility in the gin clear water we were fishing in. On our trip six people broke personal bests and one caught a 35lb and four 30lb carp with the 14lb line. The thing that stood out for me however was the knot strength. Awesome!”
Jason Proud

“Caught this cracking fish on my first run out with Power Carp. The strength is amazing. 16lb Power Carp is much thinner than 15lb Sensor. I’ll be switching to this from now on.”
Rick Clements

“I have used many lines from different companies, but Power Carp from Ultima, is the best I have ever seen!!! The fluorocarbon coating is great and makes the line nearly invisible (very good for pressured carp) and its abrasion resistance is very good (I use the line all the time now) also when I’m river carping.”
Tommy De Cleen

Power Carp Range and Specification 

Available in £15.95 spools from 0.26mm (8lb) to 0.37mm (18lb)


RRP: £15.95
Strengths: 8lb; 10lb; 12lb; 14lb; 16lb; 18lb
Quantity: Supplied in bulk spools of 795 metres plus
Contact: www.ultimapower.co.uk 

tcf says: Even at the greater strengths the line is supple enough to allow
you to tie a tidy knot.