The National Association of Fisheries and Angling Consultatives (NAFAC) 2008 Annual General Meeting, held at the Thames Fisheries Consultative Council Seminar in historic Hampton Court Palace, saw momentous steps forward towards angling unity.

The enormity and iminence of the process was brought home when members unanimously accepted the key proposals regarding unification and gave the National Council the full authority to continue their detailed discussions with the Unity partner organisations and if appropriate to merge NAFAC’s  work and functions within the structure of the new single representative body.

NAFAC Executive Chairman, Martin Read, in describing the momentum building within NAFAC, the  National Federation of Sea Anglers, the National Federation of Anglers, the Salmon and Trout Association, and the Anglers Conservation Association said, ‘I am delighted that the National Council have the full support of the membership in progressing what is probably the most important step that angling has taken in many years.

Today’s decision mirrors what is now becoming very apparent in that ordinary anglers want to see the various organisations form a single  representative body as soon as possible.