Maximum Strength Pole & Rig Mono

After the launch of Power Plus we began to be asked since what we can do specifically for the match and pole angler to help satisfy his need for the highest possible breaking strain and lowest possible diameter to give him an edge in highly competitive situations. The experience gained during the long term development work of Power Plus proved invaluable and was used as the starting point for this project, but with the focus now changed to pushing the limits to the maximum of what can be achieved in linear and knot strength, while still delivering natural presentation.

Power Match was developed using the latest Mitsubishi copolymer, similar to that used in Power Plus, however this particular copolymer differs in the fact that it has an even higher molecular bonding capability. The resulting monofilament has an incredibly high strength and with careful production control and use of the wealth of experience gained over the years we have produced a product that also has an incredibly high knot strength approaching 100% of linear test.

Presentation has been just as important as strength in the development of this product. Power Match is smooth, soft and incredibly supple and provides excellent presentation not only because of its thin diameter but because of its extreme softness due to being treated in a special softening bath twice as long as normal mono.

Power Match, like all our hi-tech high performance lines is produced in small carefully controlled batches that enables us to achieve remarkably accurate tolerance levels and maintain them during production. The last batch tested of 0.20mm tested for example ranged from 0.199 to 0.202. You know where you are. One line on the market tested recently claimed to be 0.13mm but when tested actually measured over 0.16mm! With Ultima what you see on the label is what you get on the spool.

While Power Match has been designed for out and out strength, as with all Ultima products, we have still paid careful attention to making it robust enough to cope with any situation that it is likely to encounter. Power Match was tested on the reel for long periods during its development and has proved so robust that some field testers are still using it in preference to anything else.

Power Match has been manufactured in clear, as this preference has been expressed by all anglers in our testing team for their rigs and hook lengths. Having the line crystal clear in these fine diameters is important as it ensures that no impurity from the dye can detrimentally effect the molecular bonding within the line itself.

The importance of stretch is often overlooked. We have found from consultation over many years that a stretch factor of between 20 and 25% gives both positive control and enough give to minimise snap offs. Power Match has been designed with an average stretch facto of 21% to give more experienced anglers better control.

Power match now moves match fishing line technology another step forward giving the serious angler the ultimate performance product. Now with a choice of three superb Hi-tech products in Power Match, Power Plus, XT7 and Flo-Cast, the Match angler has all the options he needs in today’s competitive match scene.

“Ultima products have helped me to frame in many matches over the last 12 months, including in September, when I won £500 and over £200 worth of tackle after coming first in the Match Fishing Subscriber Classic at Woodland View. To win the match I used what has become my standard set up for catching big carp on the feeder, the ultra dependable Power Plus (in 8lb) as a reel line matched to a super strong 0.20 Power Match hook length. Now the colder weather is here I will scale down on line diameter and XT7 is the perfect choice when subtleness and presentation are the No.1 priority.”
Peter Edwards

“I have been using Power Match since I started with Ultima and it is simply the strongest competition line I have used. Power Match is a lot stronger and more supple than anything I have used before and virtually has no memory. I have also found that the colour of the line is perfect for all waters. Although most people will use this line for pole fishing I have tested it for both waggler and feeder and it still out performed the other lines that I previously used like Maxima and Silstar Match Team. The thing that has impressed me the most is the overall line strength and stretch ability. I was testing the 0.20mm the other day on a local water which was full of reeds. I had carp up to 20lb which went into the reeds but my line didn’t snap once and it even cut through the reeds! I know for a fact that this line has won me more matches and I have total confidence in using it. Everyone who has seen it is just as impressed.”
Andy May

“I am incredibly impressed with the Power Match. It is so incredibly strong (across all diameters) and is very robust whilst also being limp. I handed the spools to a couple of guys on the open matches and asked them to try to break the 0.14mm line. They ended up with line burns or nearly cutting their fingers.”
Mike Herrington

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Available in 100m spools (£4.95)

mm              B/Stlbs             B/Stkgs
0.10             2.5                   1.2
0.12             3.2                   1.6
0.14             4.4                   2.1
0.16             6.1                   2.6
0.18             7.5                   3.5
0.20             8.2                   4.0
0.22             10.0                 4.6
0.25             12.5                  6.0
0.28             15.1                  7.0

Full details of this remarkable product are contained on the products own dedicated website


RRP: £4.95
Strength: 2.5lb; 3.2lb; 4.4lb; 6.1lb; 7.5lb; 8.2lb; 10lb; 12.5lb; 15.1lb
Capacity: Suppled in 100m spools

tcf says: Ultima has ensured its new pole line has diameter accuracy and spot-on breaking strains. It does exactly what it states on the label! Sure to gain a strong following, we particularly like the 0.14mm and 0.16mm.