Power Plus – Two Years In The Making

Power Plus is Ultima’s latest new line brand launch and represents the very latest in line innovation and technology from the Ultima stable.

Ultimate Power
Power Plus is over 70% stronger than lines that were around 25 years ago, but the real plus with Power Plus is all the other great features that make this high strength line a fantastic performer in almost every situation.

High Knot Strength
Hi-tech materials have achieved a very high knot strength previously thought not possible. No special knots are needed, standard angling knots give almost 100% knot strength.

Balanced Stretch Factor
Power Plus has a medium to low stretch averaging 22%. This provides excellent direct contact with bait and fish, but still enough give to avoid snap offs.

Power Plus has been designed to sink making it ideal for feeder and link fishing, as well as most spinning, specimen and carp fishing applications.

High Abrasion Resistance
Power Plus is 6 times more abrasion resistant and tougher than traditional monos, so it can be used with confidence in any situation.

Super Soft
Power Plus is silky smooth. New technology enables a never before seen combination of softness, great strength and toughness.

Low Visibility
Power Plus is a dark olive green colour that takes on colour from surrounding water conditions, making it well camouflaged even in clear waters. It also has a non flash matt finish.

Total Reliability
With certificated ISO9002 production systems, Ultima’s high standards are delivered continually, and in line laser monitoring ensures consistent and accurate diameter.

The brilliant combination of all these Plus Points makes Power Plus the best line for almost every angling application and a line that can empower any angler, to go on and achieve better results in total confidence.

Power Plus Range and Specification 
Available in 40m (£2.95); 100m (£3.95); 300m (£5.95); 4oz (£9.95) and half kilo bulk spools £36.95:
In diameters from 0.16mm (3lb) to 0.45mm (30lb)

What We Think

T-F.com own tests have shown the line to sink really well and sit on the spool beautifully. It’s soft and limp, with almost no memory, and knots really well. It’s easy to move shot on the line without damaging it too. The 6lb is ideal for heavy feeder use and we’ve used it with every confidence to launch a Method feeder. For river fishing in the lighter strenghts it’s easy to make it float should you need to with a bit of silicone spray.

Line You Can Trust

Ultima prides itself on consistency of quality and accuracy. Line and knot strength and abrasion resistance are rigorously tested at its Ramsgate laboratory. Diameters are controlled to within plus or minus 5% of what’s stated. UV resistance, softness and sinking rates are all studied as standard to ensure the line does exactly what it says on the tin. Ultima says its research and development facilities are without equal in its field in the UK, and boasts the most rigorous testing and control standards anywhere in the industry.

“I’ve been using Power Plus line for just over four months and in that time I’ve found it has done everything that I needed it to and performed really well in a variety of situations. I’ve used the 0.16mm (3lb) to 0.20mm (5lb) diameters for float fishing and in the thicker diameters from 0.22 (6lb) up to 0.30mm (12lb) for feeder fishing and not once has it let me down. Ultima says the line was developed as a sinking line but I’ve found it to be a great floating line too once it’s sprayed up with silicone floating line spray. And the other really good news about this line is that it offers fantastic value for money, especially if you purchase it on bulk spools. Check it out next time you’re looking to replace your reels lines.”
Dave Harrell – Editor of Match Fishing magazine

“I’ve used this line to fish for carp and barbel and I have to say that I’m very pleased with its performance. I’ve pulled carp to over 20lb from lilies using the 12lb and found no sign of damage to the surface of the line. I like the colour, which very closely resembles the colour of silkweed when in the water (and we’ve had plenty of that this year during the recent heatwave). The strength to diameter ratio is excellent and most pleasing is that it sinks fast and so far shows no signs of coiling and kinking. Ultima Power Plus is a line I’m going to be using for a lot of my fishing and although I give it 9 stars this could be changed to 10 when I’ve used it over a longer period and can better judge its reliability.”
Graham Marsden – Fishingmagic.com

“It was a dream to knot, and the knots held well. I could tell the difference in the stretch capabilities too, when I hooked into a nice Tench. There was enough give in the line without worrying about fragility should the fish do one of its many and spectacular lunges they are renowned for, but I felt in touch with the fish the whole time – MORE CONTROL….THAT’S WHAT THE FISHERMEN WANT!!! Rod and Line gives this the thumbs up, and personally I will be using nothing else.”
David Hayes – rod-and-line.co.uk

“On a recent trip for eels a 13lb 12oz carp gate-crashed the party, but 5lb Power Plus soon had the fish tamed.”
Steve Martin Deputy Editor tcf

“I have recently started to experiment with Power Plus for traces and snoods. It makes beautifully neat and tidy knots when used as a trace, it sits straight and correctly away from the rig body and lays perfectly on the sea bed. Incredibly tough and yet soft and supple, this new line is something very special”.
Julian Shambrook, shore ace

“Power Plus is an exceptional all round line, the low diameter aids fishing and distance while the balanced stretch gives you confidence when the fish is at the net. An excellent all round confidence line.”
Mark Hine, specialist

“In over thirty years of carp fishing
this is the best line I have ever used”.
Bob Davies

“If big fish are your quarry, you need a line you can rely on, Power Plus does everything a specimen line should and more, this line will become the first choice of the big fish angler”.
Pete Wilson

A great new reel line, obviously the lads at Ultima have done their research. I believe this line to be the new kid on the block. It sinks well and is very abrasion resistant, but the real big plus is that it’s so limp when compared to their sinking lines. I came 3rd in a Harrow postal match with 63lb using for the first time the Ultima line Power Plus in 8lb, which did the job.”
Fred Davies

“I used 8lb and 10lb Power Plus for carp in Cyprus,
performance was excellent particularly
liked abrasion and strength.”
Robert Heath, Chesnut Pool Fisheries

“Power Plus is a good sinking line with little stretch would probably last a whole season before it

Peter Wharton

needed to be replaced.” 
Paul Wharton, Match Angler

Peter Edwards

“I found the Power Plus makes an excellent feeder line, it’s very limp and memory-free, the line sinks well and the colour seems spot on.   I have great confidence in the knot strength.  On the whole I found Power Plus to be first rate, and I look forward to using it for other running line methods.” 
Peter Edwards

“Power Plus is a quality line. Very abrasive resistant, diameters are accurate, good knot strength – I

Mike Shaw

use it and have no complaints, has withstood some demanding casting.” 
Mike Shaw, Monklands AC

Ultima Power Plus
A silky smooth finish gives improved casting qualities, and this is combined with extreme abrasion resistance. It is super-soft and with controlled stretch, and needs no special knots to retain its high breaking strain, because normal knots offer close to 100%. It is available in a range of sizes from a 0.28mm/10lb, through to a 0.45mm/30lb BS, which covers most sea angling requirements.
RRP £9.95
Contact Ultima on 01843 599595
Website www.ultimauk.com
TSF comment This is an excellent supple line, with a good diameter to breaking strain ratio

Used & Abused
Ultima Power Plus Line

TCF Deputy editor Steve Martin has spent 12 months putting Ultima’s flagship line to the test. Here’s his conclusion.

I make no excuses that for many years I have used that good old ‘tow rope’ Maxima as my main reel lines for both float and feeder fishing, and I still use it on some occasions.
However, before the launch of tcf I was privileged to be one of the first anglers in the UK to try Ultima’s new Power Plus line.
I used the 4lb line on my first trip and have to say I was immediately well and truly hooked on it, after bagging a net of Dorset Stour chub to over 5lb.
That first session certainly put the line to the test. It’s a sinking line, but there aren’t many lines that aren’t these days. I add a little line floatant to allow me to fish both river-waggler and stick-float tactics.
The first real test on the feeder came during a holiday at White Acres near Newquay, Cornwall and it wasn’t me who used the line, but my two daughters during a session on the venue’s Sycamore Lake. They had well over 60lb of carp to double figures each on the 6lb line and not one fish was lost. Power Plus is pretty strong stuff.
Over the following months, right up to today, I’ve been using a range of breaking strains: the 10lb line has survived a number of sessions on British Waterways; Daventry carp-Mecca Drayton Reservoir, where the fish now average over 9lb, and the 12lb and 15lb versions have coped well with a few double-figure predators this winter.
One of my best catches of 2007 was the 13lb 12oz carp I bagged on a feature at Pallington Lakes in Dorset. Okay, it’s not the biggest fish that swims, but I had to battle with it close to an overhanging tree on only 5lb line. I was sure the fish would break me, but Power Plus proved its worth again and after 10 minutes the fish was tamed.
You have to have complete confidence in the line you use, as you never know when you will hook that fish of a lifetime. Most of my reels now have Power Plus loaded on the spools and I have complete confidence that it won’t let me down whatever species I’m targeting.
Another feature of the line is that it comes in 300-metre, one-shot spools in the lower breaking strains and bulk spools in the higher weights, so there’s no fiddling when loading your reels.
The line was cover mounted on the first three issues of tcf, as part of its launch and it has since proved to be very popular with anglers of all disciplines.
For more information on Power Plus and other Ultima lines, visit www.ultimapower.co.uk .
• Steve Martin

Ultima Power Plus Line – From £3.95
• Available in 12 strengths from 3lb to 30lb
• 3lb to 18lb – 100m (£3.95) and 300m (£5.95)
• 6lb to 30lb – 4oz spools (£9.95)
• High knot strength
• Soft and supple