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Preston KKM-B Mag Store Pre-Tied Hair Rigs

The new KKM-B Mag Store System Rigs from the Preston Innovations stable are tied to precise specifications to create rigs suitable for all anglers and facilitate for a very easy storage system. The fully loaded rig stick can be taken straight out of the packaging and placed into the correct sized Mag Store System Box. […]

Preston World Champion Cooler Bag

The way the weather is in this summer of 2018, we all need good cooler bags and chillers to keep whatever bait we are using fresh and alive. The new World Champion Team Feeder Cool Bag from the Preston Innovations stable fits the bill. It is constructed from the highest quality EVA available and features […]

Revalution Hooklength storage

Preston Innovations have introduced an alternative to hooklength retaining boxes with the Revalution Storage system which utilises EVA spools and a rotating plastic pin to keep things in place and add a new slant to spool hooklength storage. You get 21 spools in the clip-seal box which has a semi-transparent lid. You can mark both […]

Preston Innovations Inline Olivettes

Preston Innovations Inline Olivettes Olivettes are nothing new; in fact, they’ve been used for shotting pole floats for many years now. However, large-capacity inline models aren’t so common, so these from Preston should be well suited to anglers who regularly fish big floats. You get three in a pack and sizes range from 0.3g through to […]

Tough for Preston Innovations Team England in Portugal, but Mick Vials grabs silver

World Feeder Fishing Championships 2017 River Raia, Portugal Report By Gareth Purnell It was tough going for Preston Innovations Team England at the 2017 World Feeder Fishing Championships in Portugal, but the team did have a silver lining as Mick Vials finished second in the individual stakes at the River Raia. England finished a disappointing […]

Preston Innovations Response Carp 16m pole

Made  from Torayca High Performance Japanese Carbon Fibre the Response Carp has been designed specifically with the commercial match angler in mind. Stiff, responsive and most importantly strong enough to cope with any bagging situation. Designed for big weights and big fish but retaining exceptional balance the Response Carp is totally interchangeable with the existing Response […]

Preston Innovations Monster Top Kit Cases

A great new product for pole anglers, Preston Innovations Monster Top Kit Cases are designed for keeping carp kits safely stored without risk of nicking the elastic. The cases have impact resistant internal storage tubes that can hold up to 12 folded top kits when in transit. The cases can be carried on their own or they […]

Preston Offbox 36 Slimline Tray

The Preston Offbox 36 Slimline Tray is billed as ‘the most versatile tray Preston have ever produced’. It was designed as a secondary tray to be mounted to the rear of your box, ideal for wading applications and just for reaching behind for accessories or resting your rod but on. Easily fits in your net […]

Preston Offbox 36 Monster Bait Station

The new Preston Offbox 36 Monster Bait Bait Station can be attached to both seat-box and platform legs and once in position can be swivelled to the correct position so you can easily reach whateve bait you are using without disrupting your fishing rythmn. It comes complete with two five-pint capacity bait tubs (lids not included) […]

Preston Innovations Uni Side Tray Support

Side tray support legs can often be impossible to use, due to the depth of margins or narrow fishing platforms, which can leave your tray with no support. The Uni Side Tray Support Arm solves this problem and provides maximum support for any side tray. The integral support disc distributes weight and stabilises your tray […]

Preston Celcius Thermal Suit

Totally waterproof and seriously hot, the Drifish Celsius range is the warmest angling clothing you’re ever likely to see… or need. With top quality manufacture throughout, the extremely durable Celsius range is designed for fishing in the coldest conditions, the thermal ‘hollofoil’ lining traps your body heat with maximum efficiency, yet doesn’t impede movement or […]