Sunday’s strong winds and heavy rain stirred up the sport on the first day of the Preston Innovations festival.

Overall winner on day one was Grant Albutt drawing peg 26 Pollawyn.

Grant fished the long pole with meat at five feet deep catching all Carp for a brilliant weight of 186lb 02oz.

2nd on day one was Mick lees on Bolingey lake. Mick drew in the first arm, peg 49 and also fished the long pole with meat to weigh in 107lb 04oz. All the lakes were on top form with Porth a murky chocolate brown but still managed to have an average weight of 13lb per angler.

The prizes for the festival have just arrived and I can’t believe my eyes. The winner will receive a 5 draw ON BOX with a side tray and bait waiter set, pole roost set, roller and a trolley. 2nd will receive a 4 draw ON BOX, side tray set, trolley, cool bag set and a roller and 3rd will also receive a 4 draw ON BOX, trolley and a roller. Preston Innovations have donated prizes to 20th place and I will tell you more about them later this week.



Lake Winners


A Section       Pollawyn                   Grant Albutt               186lb 02oz

B Section       Python / Trelawney Gary White                  56lb 02oz

C Section      Twin Oaks                 Gary Gibson                59lb 13oz

D Section      Porth                          Robin Flowers                        23lb 12oz

E section       Bolingey                    Mick Lees                  107lb 04oz


Overall Top 20


1st       Grant Albutt               9 Points                     186lb 02oz

2nd     Mick Lees                  9 Points                     107lb 04oz

3rd      Paul Wright               9 Points                     88lb 10oz

4th      Kip Deards                9 Points                       66lb 15oz

5th      Tim Rowe                  9 Points                       63lb 01oz

6th      Gary Gibson              9 Points                       59lb 13oz

7th      Gary White                9 Points                       56lb 02oz

8th      Andy Dare                 9 Points                       54lb 10oz

9th      Gary Thorpe              9 Points                       54lb 06oz

10th    Peter Soar                 9 Points                       51lb

11th    Peter joiner               9 Points                       40lb 05oz

12th    Steve Ringer             9 Points                       39lb

13th    Lee Murray                9 Points                       32lb 03oz

14th    Harry Billing              9 Points                       31lb 02oz

15th    Arthur Turner                        9 Points                       28lb 06oz

16th    Simon Gould                        9 Points                       26lb 02oz

17th    Robin Flowers                      9 Points                       23lb 12oz

18th    John Darlington       9 Points                       21lb 03oz

19th    Steve Sanders                      9 Points                       20lb 08oz

20th    Paul Greenwood      9 Points                       19lb 10oz


Preston Innovations Day 2


Day two saw Bolingey take top honors with three weights over a hundred pounds. 1st on the day was Simon Jones from peg 49 with 112lb 10oz. Simon fished the long pole Shallow with meat to take all Carp bag. This is the second day in a row that the 1st leg on Bolingey has thrown up the top weights. 2nd overall was Tommy Pickering from peg 18 of the back of the island with 110lb 15oz, and 3rd was Paul Greenwood with 108lb 04oz from peg 46. overall top weight on the White Acres complex was Grant Albutt from Trelawney peg 10 with 106lb 09oz Grant fished the long pole with maggots shallow.

Porth was on fantastic form with Billy Knott showing un expected form from peg 71, Billy fished his top two kit to hand to weigh a great 42lb 02oz of mixed species. Billy didn’t have the best of days as he forgot to enter the super pools


Lake Winners


A Section       Pollawyn                   Timmy Rowe                          85lb

B Section       Python / Trelawney Grant Albutt               106lb 09oz

C Section      Twin Oaks                 Simon Gould                          63lb 12oz                

D Section      Porth                          Billy Knott                    43lb 02oz                            

E section       Bolingey                    Simon Jones                        112lb 10oz               


Overall Top 20


1st       Grant Albutt               18 Points                   292lb 11oz

2nd     Tim Rowe                  18 Points                   148lb 02oz

3rd      Simon Gould                        18 Points                     89lb 14oz

4th      Lee Murray                18 Points                     74lb 12oz

5th      Harry Billing              18 Points                     62lb 08oz

6th      Paul Greenwood      17 Points                   127lb 14oz

7th      Terry Harrison                       17 Points                   104lb 12oz

8th      Steve Sanders                      17 Points                     97lb 06oz

9th      Phil Ackerley                        17 Points                     90lb 12oz

10th    Andy Dare                 17 Points                     70lb 09oz

11th    Nigel Evans              17 Points                     61lb 11oz

12th    Martin Cocks             17 Points                     45lb 03oz

13th    Richie Hull                16 Points                     94lb 06oz

14th    Phil Henry                 16 Points                     93lb 06oz

15th    Kip Deards                16 Points                     88lb 15oz

16th    Martin Amos             16 Points                     87lb 01oz

17th    Darren Mulheir         16 Points                     82lb 09oz

18th    Karl Webster             16 Points                     81lb 10oz

19th    Arthur Turner                        16 Points                     73lb 06oz

20th    Richard Lawson       16 Points                     72lb 14oz


Preston Innovations Day 3


Day three and things are really hotting up with the top three places on maximum points and 3 points covering the next ten places. Timmy Rowe went on to his third section win on the bounce and making overall leader along with Simon Gould and Harry Billing.

Overall champion on day three was Darren Mulheir with 116lb from peg 30 Pollawyn.

Porth continues to fish well with four 20lb plus weights


Overall top 6 on the day

1st    Darren Mulheir             Mosella Garbolino   116lb              Peg 30 Pollawyn

2nd   Steve Hemingray                     Drennan                    111lb 02oz    Peg   7 Bolingey

3rd    Marcus Harrison                      Daiwa Dorking         109lb 10oz    Peg 20 Pollawyn

4th    Steve Sanders             Daiwa Dorking         108lb 06oz    Peg 25 Pollawyn

5th   Steve Clark                    Trentmen Brass Band           98lb 08oz     Peg 21 Bolingey

6th    Kieron Rich                  Mosella Garbolino     97lb 13oz     Peg 17 Pollawyn                             


Lake Winners


Pollawyn                               Darren Mulheir                     116lb             

Python / Trelawney             Steve Sams                            53lb 13oz    

Twin Oaks                             Tony Wynnick                        75lb 03oz
Porth                                      Calvin Lemon                      23lb 08oz                   

Bolingey                                Steve Hemingray                 111lb 02oz                                       


Overall Top 20


1st        Tim Rowe                  27 Points                   182lb 01oz

2nd       Simon Gould                        27 Points                   110lb 12oz

3rd        Harry Billing              27 Points                     85lb 06oz

4th        Nigel Evans              26 Points                   106lb 08oz

5th        Lee Murray                26 Points                   89lb 10oz

6th        Grant Albutt               25 Points                   312lb 04oz

7th        Steve Sanders                      25 Points                   205lb 12oz

8th        Darren Mulheir         25 Points                   198lb 09oz

9th        Arthur Turner                        25 Points                   133lb 14oz

10th     Terry Harrison                       25 Points                   125lb 01oz

11th     Paul Greenwood      24 Points                   158lb 02oz

12th     Richard Lawson       24 Points                   152lb 06oz

13th     Mick Lees                  23 Points                   142lb 07oz

14th     Kip Deards                23 Points                   116lb 06oz

15th     Andy Dare                 23 Points                     90lb

16th     Calvin Lemon                       23 Points                     88lb 09oz

17th     Andy Lloyd                23 Points                     82lb 14oz

18th     Steve Hemingray     22 Points                   174lb 01oz

19th     Steve Clark Notts     22 Points                   133lb 09oz

20th     Steve Ringer             22 Points                   130lb 07oz