So we are into day two of the festival, down here in Cornwall we have had some heavy rain throughout the night and the morning was not much better. Thankfully the weather cleared and was another mild day, read on to find out about the match action and who is possible one step closer to the final.

A Section Twin Oaks/Acorn/Canal

It was a great days fishing and one of the fairest sections as the lake money wins seem they can come from any section, 5 weights over a ton today and some good back up figures. Kieron Rich on Twin Oaks 8 won the match today with 154lb 15oz, Kieron fished meat on the deck at 6 meters to take the win. Second went to Dave Lewis next door on Twin Oaks 10, Dave fished at 5 meters with meat for a weight of 154lb 3oz. Danny Grimsey weighted in with 139lb 8oz to take third, Danny was on Twin Oaks 18 and caught on meat down the edge at 5 section. Over on Acorn Steve Sanders on peg 13 had the next west weight with 108lb 11oz, Steve fished pellet over meat down the edge. The best weight on the high numbers of Twin Oaks came from Rob Wootton on peg 25 with 71lb 15oz; Paul Filmore had the best weight on Canal with 58lb he was on peg 10.

Section Winners

Kieron Rich  9 points 154lb 15oz
Steve Sanders  9 points 108lb 11oz
Rob Wootton  9 points 71lb 15oz
Paul Filmore  9 points 58lb

B Section Gwinear

Steady fishing on Gwinear today with the weights for the overall win and section wins increasing. Steve Ringer on peg 16 took the lake win with 119lb 8oz; Steve fished pellet long and corn short. Dale Lynch was second with 116lb 12oz he was on peg 25. Third went to Andy Neal on peg 28 with 98lb. Mike Barlow had the next best weight on the lake with 86lb 8oz, Mike was on peg 13 and caught on the pole at 14.5 meters with pellet.

Section Winners

Steve Ringer  9 points 119lb 8oz
Andy Neal  9 points 98lb
Clive Wynn  9 points 49lb 8oz
Wayne Mellings 9 points 38lb 12oz

C Section Porth

Porth fished well again today and despite being gin clear there were great catches and some of the anglers were raving about the fishing even comparing it to when they very first started to come to the festivals. Tommy Hiller took the lake win today with 24lb 4oz; Tommy was on peg 17 and caught on the waggler with castors. Second on the lake went to Kevin Dalton on peg 71, Kevin fished the feeder with corn for a weight of 23lb 2oz. Third went to Will Raison who enjoyed his days fishing on peg 72 weighing in with 19lb 12 caught on the pole with groundbait and worms. On peg 37 Andy Geldart had the next best weight with 16lb 10oz, Andy caught on the feeder with worms.

Section Winners

Tommy Hiller  9 points 24lb 4oz
Kevin Dalton  9 points 23lb 2oz
Andy Geldart  9 points 16lb 10oz
Richie Hull  9 points 11lb 4oz

D Section Bolingey

Great weights as expected today from Bolingey and only a pound separated the top two on the lake. Gary Skeritt eventually took the win with 153lb 1oz; Gary was on peg 27 and fished meat at 5 meters. Only just missing out on the win Tony Wynnick weighed in with 153lb 2oz to take second, Tony fished meat short and pellet long from peg 21. Third went to Kelvin Acton on peg 17, Kelvin fished on the pole with meat for a weight of 133lb 13oz. Steve Cooke had the next best weight on the lake with 112lb 6oz, Steve was on peg 33 and fished meat at 5 meters.

Section Winners

Gary Skeritt  9 points 153lb 1oz
Kelvin Acton  9 points 133lb 13oz
Steve Cooke  9 points 112lb 6oz
Jimmy Garside 9 points 84lb

E Section Pollawyn

It is hard going for the angler that draw the arms on Pollawyn at the moment and you only really need 50lb to win the section, the main only bonus is that that weight can come from a number of pegs so although you know you are not in with a chance of a lake win you still have to but in a strong performance to pick up vital points. The lake was won today by Terry Harrison on peg 26; Terry fished the straight lead and waggler with pellet for a weight of 119lb 14oz. Pemb Wrighting on peg 27 was second with 110lb 12oz, Pemb fished the bomb and waggler with pellet. Third on the lake with 105lb 6oz was Adam Rooney on peg 25, Adam fished on the pole with meat. Andy May on peg 21 had the next best weight; Andy fished meat and hemp at 5 meters giving him a weight of 102lb 4oz. A special mention for section winner Alan Rutherford who today was celebrating his 21st birthday, Alan did an impressive forward somersault into the lake before he was pushed by the other anglers, so congratulations on your section win and once again we wish you a very happy Birthday.

Section Winners

Terry Harrison  9 points 119lb 14oz
Andy May  9 points 102lb 2oz
Tim Nash  9 points 44lb 2oz
Alan Rutherford 9 points 43lb 10oz

So that was day two of the festival, there is a good atmosphere on the festival and although there are a few moans and groans to be heard from the usual suspects the majority of the pack seem to be getting their heads down and forward thinking (with their fingers crossed) to the final.
Overall Top Twenty-four

1st  Andy Neal  18 points 187lb 4oz
2nd  Steve Ringer  18 points 181lb 12oz
3rd  Alan Rutherford 18 points 175lb 6oz
4th  Rob Wootton  18 points 156lb 2oz
5th  Dave Lewis  17 points 195lb 7oz
6th  Clive Wynn  17 points 102lb 2oz
7th  Tommy Hiller  17 points 68lb 7oz
8th  Richie Hull  17 points 40lb 12oz
9th  Grant Albutt  16 points 207lb 1oz
10th  Gary Skeritt  16 points 207lb 1oz
11th  Tim Rowe  16 points 121lb 15oz
12th  Wayne Mellings 16 points 78lb 4oz
13th  Andy Geldart  16 points 40lb 15oz
14th  Adam Rooney  15 points 218lb 10oz
15th  Tim Nash  15 points 133lb 8oz
16th  Nigel Smith  15 points 116lb 2oz
17th  Phil Ringer  15 points 91lb 14oz
18th  Charlie Shaw  15 points 87lb 15oz
19th  Tony Baker  15 points 52lb 10oz
20th  Lee Werrett  14 points 193lb 1oz
21st  Andy May  14 points 190lb 1oz
22nd  Danny Grimsey 14 points 159lb 3oz
23rd  Martin Cocks  14 points 154lb 7oz
24th  Skip McCabe  14 points 143lb 1oz

So Andy Neal leads the 180 strong pack at the moment nut with him are also 4 anglers on maximum points, this has been a great start for these chaps but as you can see the points are close and the weights tight, as we head into the half way day have any of the above names guaranteed themselves a place on the stage on Friday or will we see a dramatic shake up on the festival.

Stay tuned for your next update, Cheers, Kirsty