A new website launched by the Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership is helping local and visiting anglers to find the best places to fish in Lincolnshire.

The website, at www.fishinginlincolnshire.com, has been developed by the REEL (Recreation and Environmental Enhancements in Lincolnshire) project and aims to provide anglers with a comprehensive guide to fishing in the county, from where to catch the biggest pike to where to buy tackle and bait.

Features include an interactive map of Lincolnshire’s rivers, which not only tells you what you’re likely to catch in each river, but also shows you where to find sites that are good for easier access  – like wheelchair accessible sites and sites with steps and handrails – as well as good sites for beginners and youngsters.

In the Beginners’ Guide section the inexperienced angler can find out all about bait and basic tackle, as well as some golden rules of fishing and of course where to buy your rod licence. The ‘Find Tackle Shops’ feature lets you search for the tackle shop nearest to you, while visitors to the region might find the ‘Find Accommodation’ feature useful.  

The REEL (Recreation and Environmental Enhancements in Lincolnshire) project is part of the Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership and is funded by Lincolnshire County Council, the European Regional Development Fund and the Environment Agency. Led by the Environment Agency, it aims to enhance rivers and drains in Lincolnshire for angling and quiet recreation.

Since its creation in 2004 REEL has made enhancements to habitat, improved access to waterways for all anglers and encouraged different groups to ‘have a go’ at fishing. 

The website, which is linked into Lincolnshire Tourism’s own Visit Lincolnshire site, cost some £12,500 to develop and is the only fishing site devoted entirely to Lincolnshire.

Amanda Jenkins, REEL project officer from the Environment Agency said: ‘Over the past three years we’ve worked hard to provide new and better sites to fish, enhance local habitats and encourage people who would not normally have thought about fishing to give it a go.

‘This website will guide people around the fantastic fishing opportunities that Lincolnshire has to offer and by giving simple advice on techniques and the best fishing spots will hopefully encourage more people to take part in this affordable, enjoyable pastime.’