Preston Innovations Festival 2005 Day Four




Section Winners


Will Raison        9 points            26lb 8oz

Paul Yates        9 points            21lb

Steve Ringer     9 points            13lb 13oz

Arthur Turner     9 points            13lb 6oz




Section Winners


Daren Cox        9 points            85ln 5oz

Jimmy Garside  9 points            78lb 3oz

Tommy Pickering           9 points            66lb 8oz

Danny Wynn     9 points            59lb 1oz





Section Winners


Paul Hiller         9 points            112lb 2oz

Grant Albutt      9 points            67lb 13oz

Dave Self                     9 points            55lb 2oz

Paul Hamlyn      9 points            44lb 3oz


Twin Oaks – Nelsons – Acorn



Section Winners


Jason Le Bosquet         9 points            75lb 8oz

Paul Burton       9 points            68lb 12oz

Simon Willsmore           9 points            56lb 11oz

Paul Carnwell    9 points            39lb 4oz





Section Winners


Dave Rudman   9 points            71lb 5oz

Paul Filmore      9 points            49lb 8oz

Richie Hull         9 points            46lb 2oz

Charlie Merrett   9 points            27lb


From now on we will track the top twenty four to see who makes it through to the £25,00 final on Saturday.


Overall Top Twenty Four


1st Richie Hull                 36 points          332lb

2nd Terry Harrison                       33 points          162lb 5oz

3rd Des Shipp                32 points          280lb 1oz

4th William Raison                      32 points          279lb 12oz

5th Jason Le Bosquet     32 points          274lb 11oz

6th Paul Yates                32 points          169lb 15oz

7th Ben Leach                31 points          259lb 1oz

8th Alex Murray              31 points          225lb 4oz

9th Neil McKinnon                       31 points          206lb 10oz

10th Stuart Dalby                        31 points          177lb 9oz

11th Tommy Pickering     31 points          159lb 5oz

12th Dean Barlow                       30 points          260lb 4oz

13th Steve Ringer                       30 points          257lb

14th Harry Billing                         30 points          187lb 10oz

15th Martin Kingsley       30 points          179lb 7oz

16th John Larraman                    30 points          159lb 14oz

17th Dave Self               30 points          134lb 9oz

18th Callum Dicks                       30 points          126lb 5oz

19th Karl Webster                       29 points          227lb 1oz

20th Andy May               29 points          169lb

21st Paul Filmore                        28 points          291lb 12oz

22nd Rob Wootton                      28 points          260lb 5oz

23rd Ray Hayward                       28 points          213lb 8oz

24th Chris Jenkinson                   28 points          204lb 6oz


So that was day four, sorry for the lack of details but we are mega busy getting ready for the final, full detials coming soon – stay tuned to see who will be in our top 24 and who are the winners of this years Preston Innovations Festivals. Kirsty.