Wandling free: schools’ trout fry bid for freedom

At the end of this month pupils from 16 schools along the Wandle Valley will be releasing over 1,000 “swim-up” trout fry into the River Wandle in South London. 

As recently as the 1970s, the Wandle was designated as a sewer. But, thanks to the work of the Wandle Trust charity and its principal sponsor Thames Water, and the support of local councillors, the river is now being restored to its former glory as one of England’s great chalkstreams. 

The Wandle Trust is a charity dedicated to restoring the River Wandle.  We hold river cleanups on the second Sunday of every month, and our “Trout in the Classroom” programme has been carefully designed to reconnect children with their local environment. 

For more detailed information about the Wandle Trust and our 2007 “Trout in the Classroom” programme, please see our website www.wandletrust.org and the information below.

When and where the River Wandle trout releases will happen:

Wandsworth and Wimbledon

Tuesday 27 March 2007: 2.30pm at the Mapleton Road bridge over the Wandle in Wandsworth

Schools: Allfarthing, Garratt Park, Hotham, Oak Lodge, Swaffield, and Wimbledon Park

Nearest rail station: Wandsworth

Streetmap reference:

Sutton and Croydon

Wednesday 28 March 2007: 2.00pm at Shepley Mill, Restmor Way, Hackbridge

Schools: Gonville, Old Palace, and St Philomena’s

Nearest rail station: Carshalton

Streetmap reference:

Mitcham and Merton

Wednesday 29 March 2007: 1.30pm at the white footbridge in Morden Hall Park, Morden

Schools: Bond, Broomwood, Gorringe, Linden Lodge, Newton Prep, Singlegate and Sutton Grammar

Nearest Tube station: Morden

Streetmap reference:

Who will be there

Teachers and children from all participating schools

Local MP’s
Local councillors
Local council biodiversity officers and waste managers
Local officers of the Environment Agency

Local and national press

Gideon Reeve, “Trout in the Classroom” co-ordinator, and Trustee of the Wandle Trust
Erica Evans, Trustee of the Wandle Trust
Theo Pike, Trustee of the Wandle Trust
Simon Williams, Trustee of the Wandle Trust
Charles Harman, Trustee of the Wandle Trust
Gill Turner, Trustee of the Wandle Trust
Jane Entwistle, Trustee of the Wandle Trust