Environment Agency Wales are currently looking for people to join two of its key advisory committees – The Environment Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC) and the Fisheries, Recreation Advisory Committee… (FERAC) Wales.

It’s our job to look after your environment and make it a better place for future generations. You can help us to do this by becoming a member of one our committees.

As a member, you will influence our policies activities to ensure they are relevant to the committees we serve. By working with us and sharing your knowledge and experience we can make a significant difference to our environment. Both committees meet four times a year. We pay travelling expenses and, if applicable, financial loss allowance.

We would really like to hear from people who are under represented on our committees at the moment. We therefore encourage applicants from all sections of the community.

For application forms and more details contact: Sarah Carmichael on 029
2046 6248 or Email sarah.carmichael@environment-agency.gov.uk

Applications must be submitted by 30 March 2007.

EPAC advises the Agency on its performance, its policy development and work priorities, acting as a focus group representative of the wide range of interests affected by the Agency’s activities.

FERAC helps direct our work on maintaining, improving and developing fisheries, while also advising on conservation, ecology, recreation and navigation issues.

Chris Mills, Director, Environment Agency Wales said: “These committees offer an invaluable opportunity to play a part in shaping the work we do. We need committed members who can advise on our work and help design our policies to ensure that they meet the needs of Wales to safeguard our environment.”