The Woodmill is noted as one of the best migratory fish pools in the UK.

Contact: Georgina Tranhan

Cost: £150 for three rods for the night

Tel: 023 80 555993



Suggested tackle: Although I would recommend a 9ft 8-wt or 9-wt for handling the flies and lines needed for the Gladiator, a 9ft 6 in or 10ft rod would be useful for keeping your line and flies above the hedges that surround the pool. For fishing the Gladiator, use the fastest-sinking line you have. If you are going to buy one, Scientific Anglers and Airflo do a very good range of super-fast-sinking lines that are rated in grains. This is the way forward if you want to get down quickly.

I would use no less that 10lb tippet fluorocarbon if possible. The pool plays host to some VERY LARGE fish. I have seen several people broken off by monsters on single runs. Only during daylight hours do they seen to shy away from heavier breaking strains

Suggested flies: A Gladiator of course! In addition, at low tide a selection of smaller black and silver flies will score well. Give Alistair Robjent a call at his shop on 01264 810829 for information on his super-secret Woodmill killer pattern!

Net: Take a long-handled net. Standard nets can be too short, forcing you to lean over the side of the pool. Trust me, you don’t want to fall in

Wading: You can wade, but be careful. Make sure that you recce the pool at low tide in the daytime to find the safe areas. Beware when the tide comes in, it comes in VERY QUICKLY. To be honest, you don’t need to wade to catch fish, so why bother risking it?

Stamina: To fish all night is a bit of a feat of endurance. Make sure you take some milk, sugar, tea, coffee and mugs. There is a great little hut that has a light (be careful not to spook the fish) and a kettle for boiling water. As you will be fishing through the night, take plenty of warm clothing to keep comfortable. Take plenty of food also, it is amazing how many calories you burn staying awake all night. There is a great fish and chip shop and McDonalds just up the road from the pool

Rat attack: If you do decide to kill any fish, watch out for the rats, they will eat any fish left unattended. You have been warned!

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