WHETHER you want silver eels or flounders, the

‘City of Discovery’ has some excellent and easily-accessible fishing marks available.

Fishing in Dundee is a typical muddy estuary affair but this is normally done from the comfort of the pavement. This whole area fishes well from early May until late October, or until the crab moult is finished. The whole length of Riverside Drive can be fished but there are a few hotspots.




This venue requires only one thing and that is a bucket of prime peelers but fish can be caught on worm or fish-strip baits as well. Getting here couldn’t be easier. Follow the A92 into Dundee then follow the signs for the Discovery Visitor Centre. Fishing usually takes place between the Discovery Visitor Centre and the disused airport at the other end of the road.

Discovery This is the furthest mark east on the drive. Once in Dundee, follow Discovery Driveuntil you see the visitor centre. Park in the car park and fish directly behind the building. A cast of 20 to 30 yards is the norm but sometimes casting 70-plus yards can pick fish up, especially on smaller tides. Fish here over high water as it is particularly weedy along the bottom of the wall and there can be a lot of junk thrown into the water by the night-time revellers.
Small crab and worm baits will work well for both the flounders and eels. Remember to use small hooks though.

This is the next mark west on the road. Once in Dundee, follow Discovery Drive until you see the supermarket. Park in the small car park opposite and fish anywhere either side of the car park. Again, a short cast will normally do but if the fishing is slow or the tide is small it can pay to cast a little further. Use a large, plain lead to allow your bait to move about in the tide but not so fast as to miss any fish. If you’re using a worm bait, try tipping it off with a thin sliver of mackerel or sandeel for added attraction.





The Rail Bridge
This is an eel hotspot and casting close to the legs of the bridge can often produce good results for them. If the fishing is slow try a short lob down the side of the wall. On the flood or the ebb it can pay to move under the bridge or to the other side to allow a snag-free swing with your lead. If the tide pull is too strong for a light lead, step it up to allow for a controlled swing in the tide. Also, the use of a grip lead can anchor your bait during the worst of the tidal flow.





Burger Van
Strangely enough, this is one of the more popular marks on Riverside Drive! It is situated at the opposite end from the visitor centre and again is very easy to find. From the west it is the first mark you will find and from the east it is the last. Park in the car park and fish anywhere in its vicinity. Again, short-casting over high water is the norm but it can pay to vary your distance during periods of inactivity. It’s not so snaggy here, so you can get away with using a three-hook flapper rig to increase your chances of catching.





The Playing Fields
This mark is accessed by going into the car park at the burger van and driving up the side of the sea wall – yes, you can fish out of your car here! It’s a popular stretch for local club matches and there are always some good bags taken throughout the year.





Tackle this mark exactly like the burger van. Fish light and short but, again, if the sport slows try casting further into the tide-rip or at least the edge. Take care while driving up here as there are a few large potholes – you have been warned.





The Disused Airfield
This is accessed by following the directions for the playing fields but this time drive to the end of the track and walk past the metal gate. This takes you to behind the airfield. This is another high-water mark which can often fish when no other marks will. Again, use light tackle and fish close but be prepared to cast to the edge of the tide-rip. Eels can be caught at the bottom of the wall but it can be weedy, so check it out before you set up to target them close in.





Tackle Shops
Anglers Creel, 33 Exchange Street, Dundee, Angus, DD1 3DJ, Tel: 01382 205075.
Angler’s Choice, 183 High Street, Lochee, Dundee, Angus, DD2 3DB, Tel: 01382 400555.
Broty Tackle Shop, 67 King Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Angus, DD5 1EY, Tel: 01382 480113





TF Top Tip
Try tipping off your worm baits with a thin slice of frozen mackerel or sandeel for added attraction. Try using a heavy, plain lead to search out the gullies and to cover more ground when finding the fish.



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