Thread of the Month – Latest winners



Carp Discussion Board

Winner by popular vote is Ghost, with his ‘Watercraft’ thread, which attracted great interest and many replies.


Coarse Discussion Board

Winner by means of getting the world champs result up before I did (and I was there!) is TprodL for his ‘Gold, Gold, Gold for Scotthorne’ thread, which also go masses of intelligent replies.


Sea Discussion Board

Winner for a string of good sensible threads including ‘Sea Angling Tuition’ and ‘Outfits’ is board newcomer Liam Corbett. Thanks to all regulars who gave Liam some sound advice.


Game Discussion Board

There is no winner this month


Please could all winners send their postal addresses to, plus the name of the DHP magazine they would like a subscription to. The magazines available are listed in the Magazines section of the website.