Shakespeare Championship Qualifier
Saturday July 25th
Warwickshire Avon – Evesham Town Waters and Hampton Ferry
64 pegs

A couple of inches of extra water and a tinge of colour was all that it needed to get the Warwickshire Avon roach feeding again and good weights were recorded all the way the through the match length. W.B.Clarke team men occupied the top three places and sounded out a warning to the other teams taking part in the Match Fishing Team Championship on August 31st.   

Venue regular Steve Ashmore (pictured) started as one of pre match favourites after drawing Peg 1 but even he wasn’t expecting such a memorable day which saw him romp home with a level 20-0-0 of perch and roach.

Steve started by fishing for perch with maggots at six metres and estimated he’d got in the region of around 10lb before switching to his 12 metre line where he’d been feeding hemp from the off. The switch produced roach immediately and he went on to double his catch and almost double the weight of the runner up!

Last week’s winner Steve Pierpoint had to settle for second this time but turned in another excellent display at Peg 5 to record 10-8-0 of roach on pole fished hemp. His recent performances mean he will start the bank holiday weekend finals as one of the favourites, especially if he can keep his good draws going.

Third spot went to Adrian Narbeth at Peg 35 just below the Isbourne confluence. Adrian started off by fishing for chub but couldn’t get any so he switched to a long pole and hemp and caught roach instead for 9-13-0.

Fourth spot went to Steve Townsend with another roach catch of 9-10-8 from Peg 68, two below the ferry. Fifth was Simon Willsmore with 9-1-0 of roach from Peg 51 and completing the frame in sixth spot was Dave Harpin with 8-10-0 of roach from Peg 7.

1. Steve Ashmore (WB Clarke) 20-0-0 (peg 1)
2. Steve Pierpoint (WB Clarke) 10-8-0 (peg 5)
3. Adrian Narbeth (WB Clarke) 9-13-0 (peg 35)
4. Steve Townsend (Drennan Oxford) 9-1-0 (peg 65)
5. Simon Willsmore (Milo) 9-1-0 (peg 51)
6. Dave Harpin (Daiwa Dorking) 8-10-0 (Peg 7)
Qualifiers: Gary Seadon, Ray South and Steve Townsend
Next qualifier – Saturday August 2nd  – bookings through Diana Raphael on 01386 442458 – the No1 online community for match anglers