The 20th Rosslare Small Boats Festival will be taking place in Wexford from Saturday 10th to Sat 17th September 2005.


Approximately 80 anglers will take part in the 4 day competition, which will be run as a species hunt.

The winner is the boat that catches the greatest number of species over the duration. Competitors catch an average 16.8 species per boat, and the 2003
winning total of 28 species was a record in small boat fishing competitions in Ireland.


The competition has produced some wonderful fishing with over 40 species of fish recorded.

The range of species included bass, coalfish, cod, conger, dab, dragonet, dogfish, bull huss, eel, flounder, gurnards, launce, ling, mackerel, mullet, plaice, pollack, poor cod, pouting, ray (including thornback, painted and small eyed rays), scad, sea scorpion, three bearded Rockling, tompotblenny, turbot, whiting, and four types of wrasse (cuckoo, ballan, corkwing & goldsinny).


The competition is a ‘go where you please’ unless bad weather dictates the venue. The only stipulation will be the times for leaving, and returning to the assembly point.