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71 Veals Plugging Gear
We’ve got two great prizes of Veals spinning rods and Maria plugs to give away, each worth over £250.

78 X-Tools Extravaganza!

They’re green, groovy and the best tools we’ve seen in the UK. Here¹s your chance to win a share of over £1,250-worth!

83 Gulp Bait

You could win a share of over £500-worth of the first biodegradable lures in the country.


6 Newsbreakers

Up to date news and views from your favourite sport.

8 Catch Scene

At least some of you have been getting results this month. Find out where all the big ‘un have been caught from.

14 Sole Mates

Gravesend in Kent was the venue for this heart-warming sole session. If you want sole, then get yourself here Now!

20 Bass Quest

Over 200 hours on the beach and still they couldn’t catch. Find out where the team fished and what went wrong this month!

26 Try A Shore Tope

It’s not as much a dream as you might think. There are more tope being caught from the shore than ever, so we’ve put together a list of the best marks for you to try, and how to approach them.

32 Hitting The Horizon

The latest results from the world of tournament casting.

38 Team Talk

keep sending us your questions, there’s a mixed bag of interesting quandaries this month.

42 On Your Marks

St Beeshead in Cumbria plays host to the TSF team as they risk life and limb to help out another reader in distress.

52 The Fish Finder

Red gurnards are on the menu this month as Ben Assirati heads south to Chesil beach in Dorset.

Total Tackle
64 Testing Times

Barney Wright finds some different uses for Grauvell’s new Panama 400TR boat rod!

68 Shore Tackle

Buckets, rods, reels and rests are just a few of the new tackle items reviewed for you this month.

72 Cool Clobber

It’s been a long time coming, but the new clothing from Anyfish Anywhere has been worth the wait ­ it really is the best available.

74 On Test

The TSF team give their verdict on a long term test of the Smartrig Smarties XD System.

78 Excellent X-Tools

If you’re in the market for some of the best pliers and knives available, then feast your eyes on these latest innovations from America.

81 Revved Up

Take a look at the new Suzuki DF15 four-stroke outboard engine. It’s a real beauty!

86 Electronics

A Standard Horizon VM-3500E Fixed VHF Radio and the Eagle SeaCharter 500C Sonar/GPS explained.

88 Boat Tackle

The latest digitial scales from Berkley and loads more new kit reviewed.

90 Boat Test

Mike Thrussell puts the new White Shark 225 through its paces, and add yet another boat to his all time favourites.

94 Wet Dreams (new series)

Jim O’Donnell kicks off his new series with an awesome encounter with the ultimate sporting fish ­ Tarpon!

102 Return Of The Cod?

So there’s no cod left in the North Sea eh? We head to Whitby to prove that the cod and ling fishing there is alive and well.

111 Tide Table

Go get ‘em! Choose your tides and plan your trips well in advance.

114 Bird¹s Eye View

TSF’s political pundit reckons that it’s time for the government to start looking at nuclear power again?


I’ve been in the sea fishing publishing business for eleven years now, and I have to say that I¹ve never known a month like the one we’ve just had. Myself, Barney, Daz, Ben, Jim and the rest of the TSF team have fished harder, longer and further afield than ever before, with next to nothing to show for our efforts!
I must admit that I was seriously beginning to worry that we might not catch anything at all this month, but our hard fishing, ridiculous mileage and lack of sleep paid off eventually. What more can I say? We tell it like it is here at TSF, and for some reason this month passed has been downright awful.
When you know some of the best anglers in the country and you call each of them in turn only to be faced with “There’s nothing doing here Dave” as a reply, and you know that each one of your contacts has called a dozen of their mates afterwards to have similar conversations, you know something isn¹t right.
I can remember this happening about seven or eight years ago, and it does beg the recurring question of the seven-year cycle! I can¹t put my finger on what happened, but I hope it takes at least another seven or more years for the situation to be repeated, if at all.
One session that made matters worse was at Cromer pier, where I hooked and promptly lost what would have been my biggest bass for sure, and would have definitely smashed the 8lb target that we’ve set ourselves from the shore.
For all the doom and gloomers reading this, at the time of writing I’ve already had numerous calls and e-mails to inform me that sport has picked up again, so I’m itching to get back out, live in my car and bag the features that you want to read.

Darren Taylor

Deputy Editor

Total Sea Fishing


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