THE National Federation of Anglers’ International coaches is on the look-out for young anglers who are capable of landing medals for the England Junior and Youth teams in the World Championships being fished in Mora and Cabecao (
Portugal) on July 26/27, 2003.

England coach Mark Downes knows it will be difficult to beat the favoured Italian and Portuguese teams but he is confident England has enough good anglers to give the favourites a run for their money.
”Drennan NFA Team England Youth was third in
Italy last year and we worked hard for the bronze medal,” says Mark.

“But this year we have a ‘double-barrelled’ World Championship insomuch as a new under 16-year-old event has been added to the competition.
”Because I have recently had a shoulder operation and can’t fish I have been able to visit more venues and watch more match anglers and I believe we have some real talent out there.”

With Will Raison and Stu Conroy having progressed through the NFA junior ranks, junior angling in this country looks healthy and Mark Downes and his assistant, Joe Roberts, sense the NFA coaching achievements are proving rewarding.
“The new Junior International will breathe new life into the International teams and give us the extra time we need to coach the youngsters who have an ambition to be a long term International,” says Downes.

The location chosen in Portugal for the 2003 World Championship is familiar to the coaches and they are now focusing on finding two squads to take on the rest of the world. “The changes made to the intermediate event now means that anglers under 21 can fish whereas previously it was under 19s only.

“To fish for the new Junior England team, anglers will have to be under 16, and will have to be accompanied by an adult who will have to pay his/her own expenses. We are looking for anglers who are equally competent with a waggler or pole.”

Nomination forms are now available from NFA headquarters or through the NFA website Nominations must be received no later than April 1, 2003.