Total-Fishing links up with National Federation of Anglers


NFA bosses have responded to feedback into the launch of their new subscription based site by making their discussion forums free to use through a link with .

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of feedback since the launch of our new web site service last month and one of the key things coming through is that for forums to work they must be free to use,” commented membership services manager Bob Clark.

“It is important to us that NFA members can use the web to keep in touch and discuss their fishing and we decided that the best way forward was to link up with Total-Fishing, which already has an incredibly popular discussion forum for coarse anglers.

“In my opinion we are linking the best site for information for coarse anglers with the best discussion board for coarse anglers on the Web,” added Bob. “We make the news and now our members have somewhere to meet and comment on the news.

“I would also imagine it will be a great place for those taking part in the Nationals to discuss the events in the run up to and after the big matches.”

What it means to regular users of the Total-Fishing Coarse Forum is that they will soon be joined by anglers coming from . They will click on the Forum button on the NFA site and this will direct them straight to the Total-Fishing forums.

Total-Fishing director Gareth Purnell commented: “To me this partnership makes perfect sense. To make a discussion forum really work you need to have lots of people using it. “We certainly have that on our forums and new users will soon realise there are some really top flight match anglers using the Total-Fishing forums. Anglers like Keith Arthur use the site on a daily basis and pass on some great information in the process.

“The forums are a lot of fun as well, although I should warn users that they are also highly addictive!”