Bright sunshine coupled with a low and very clear river made life difficult for most of the competitors in the latest Shakespeare qualifier and big fish featured once again in most of the leading catches.   
Local angler Jim Smith ran out winner with 14-2-0 of waggler and maggot caught chub from Peg 52 at the top of the straight on the Hampton Ferry stretch.
Second place, just two ounces behind and on the same method, went to Colin Wilkins at Peg 54 with 14-0-0 of chub.
Two tench made up the majority of third placed Mark Sutton at Peg 67, ahead of John Curtis with 6-4-0 of hemp caught roach from Peg 47 and Clive Wynn with 5-4-0 of roach from Peg 43.   
1. Jim Smith (Bait Box) 14-2-0 (peg 52)
2. Colin Wilkins (Colins Tackle) 14-0-0 (peg 54)
3. Mark Sutton (Bait Box) 7-3-0 (peg 67)
4. John Curtis (Daiwa Gordon League) 6-4-0 (peg 47)
5. Clive Wynn (Wrexham) 5-4-0 (peg 43)


Shakespeare Championship qualifier Sunday August 19th. Places also still available for the Ladies Championship on Sunday August 19th and the Veterans Championship on Wednesday August 22nd. Bookings through Diana Raphael on 01386 442458.