About Us

eXfishing is a charter fishing operation with a difference.

We only specialise in small group, individual and family charters so we can really get to know our anglers and give them our complete attention.

For maximum comfort, personal attention and tuition, plus increased catch results; our operation has been designed for a maximum of 6.

We only cater for 2-5 day holiday charters and custom build packages to suit your needs. This includes Channel crossing ferries, flights, accommodation, flexible fishing times and specific species sought.

Experienced and novice anglers alike can expect
some pretty special fish.
High quality “FOXsea” rod and reel set-ups are provided free of charge for all our anglers. Just bring yourself, your end tackle, some clothing, plus a camera and a cool box to take your fish home in.

Inexperienced and novice anglers are welcome. For the complete novice – full tackle and friendly tuition will be provided. For the more experienced angler and because we only cater for small parties we’re able to offer some awesome light-tackle and sporting alternatives.

Our boat, She likes it Rough’ is a charter boat with a difference. Being smaller and with an unconventional drive system, this allows us to fish marks usually only accessible to small, private craft. Shallow water and light-tackle sport fishing is what we do best! Cruising at higher speeds we can also reach marks in half the time it would normally take.

She likes it Rough is fitted out extensively for inshore sport-fishing including, a state of the art Hi-Tech navigation and fish finding system, mini down riggers, 40 gallon live-bait keeping facilities, an ice pound capable of keeping fish and bait frozen for up to 10 days, plus all the fishing gadgets an angler could ever need to fish with ease.

It’s all about catching fish!

Free Gear
Each month we reward our top catches with high-quality fishing tackle prizes supplied by “FOXsea”. These competitions are automatically open to every angler aboard “She likes it Rough” just as a Thank You for fishing with us.

Standard Fishing Styles Offered

• Bank fishing for flatfish and bass
• Bank fishing for rays
• Mid channel and French coast wreck fishing for pollack and cod
• Conger fishing
• Big Shark fishing
• General reef fishing for all species
• Tope Fishing
• Bream fishing
• Multi species trips and competitions
• Inshore fishing

Black bream to 4lb can be caught from June to October.

Big pollack show all year, even in T-shirt weather!







Alternative Fishing Styles Offered

• Specimen hunting for big flatfish, bass, pollack and cod
• Selective Saltwater Fly Fishing
• Shallow water boat-plug fishing, free-lining and float fishing
• Trolling using plugs and lures
• Specimen hunting for other species

eXtra Fishing By Special Arrangement

Beach casting and general shore fishing
Shore specimen bass fishing
Shore specimen mullet fishing
• Pond coarse and carp fishing
• Evening and night charter fishing trips

Types of Break

• 2 day short breaks.

• 2 – 5 day intensive fishing holidays.

• Individual holidays.

Bespoke trips for groups and individuals are offered.
There are loads of tasty shore marks to go at.







About Guernsey
Guernsey is geographically located in the right place to access the best of all the Channel Islands fishing.

Being further south than the UK, the Islands are scientifically described as being perfectly situated on the warmest edge of our summer warm-water movements, and again perfectly situated on the warmest edge of all our winter, coldwater movements.

This high sea-water temperature range is what makes The Channel Islands so fish-prolific. This fishing ecology is further boosted by the Channel Islands milder climate and warmer ‘Mediterranean’ like summers.

CLICK HERE to find out more about fishing on Guernsey

From April to September turbot like this can be targeted.

The bass fishing is tremendous from May to November.













Specimen Targets

Specimens of many species including bass, conger, ballan wrasse, black bream, blue shark, blonde rays, coalfish, cod, bull huss, ling, plaice, Pollack, porbeagle shark, tope and turbot are there to target at different times of the year – CLICK HERE for more details

Shore Fishing Guide
We also offer a guided shore fishing service with Andy Marquis – a noted Guernsey shore fishing guide – CLICK HERE to find out more.

Fact File

Jim O’Donnel will make your stay a pleasure and he’s a brilliant skipper.
‘She Likes it Rough’, Owner skipper Jim O’Donnell, Extreme Fishing, PO Box 65, PL3 42J

Tel: 0845-203-FISH {08452033474} all calls are charged at local rate
Boat Mobile: +44 {0}7855040015

Prices: http://www.exfishing.com/prices.shtml

Travel arrangements: eXfishing have partnered up with CITS Channel Islands Travel Services in order to provide you with the best and cheapest travel and accommodation possible. CITS is the Channel Islands premier travel operator – CLICK HERE for further details of estimated travel, accommodation and car hire costs.

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