Will Raison is at Gold Valley Fishery this month and as ever is dealing with techniques that anglers need to be up to speed with right now, in his regular ‘Will Raison’s Match Year’ video feature for Coarse & Match Fishing.

At this time of year water clarity and falling temperatures mean that fish on commercials are reluctant to come right into the margins, but as Will’s been finding lately, they can be successfully targeted just a little further out and down the shelf on a top four or five kit.Will’s going for the bigger fish that you catch really close-in during the warmer months, with a sweetcorn, meat and pellet attack and straight-through rigs in what’s also an experimental session for him.

He’s also feeding a groundbait and dead-maggot swim down the margins in case the fish do come up the shelf at any time during the session.Will discusses rigs, elastics, floats and feeding patterns, the importance of plumbing up and reveals how to avoid spooking fish in shallow water and reduce the number of foul-hooked fish, as he catches some seriously big carp on the pole to 15lb plus.

He’s also testing his new Daiwa Air pole out on double figure fish.‘Shelf Life With Will Raison’ is free-to-view here on this website, split into three parts, in Issue 14 of Coarse & Match Fishing. You can view it online, on mobile or on Samsung Smart TVs and blu-ray players.

Just click on the link to get going, and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist.