Holmedale Lake                       Wednesday 16/2/05                   12 fished


1st         Dave Madin                  Mossella Ultimate Anglers        44                                 13-6-0


2nd        Mick Langton               Sherwood Forest Fishery                     47                                 11-3-0


3rd        Rob Ward                     Sherwood Forest Fishery                     32                                 10-11-0


4th   Pete Lewis                                     Black Rods                               6                                  7-10-0




The planned match on the Cavendish lake had to be moved to the Holmedale because of it being froze, talk was about bites not about fish. Dave had two small carp on pole and pellet fishing 16m up to the island in peg 44 and with 5 minutes to go foul hooked a 7lber that he landed after time that put him in front and also won an extra £100 from the golden peg. Winning all match Mick had a mixed net of carp and roach fishing pole and maggot at 13m. Robs only bite of the match was enough to get him in 3rd spot with a nice mirror caught on pole and corn.




Cavendish Lake   Sunday 20/2/05                       9 fished



1st         Pete Stoppard              Geordie Maggot                                               peg 8                3-8-0


2nd   Steve Richards                  Sherwood Forest Fishery                         9                  3-7-8


3rd        Geoff Hiley                   Sherwood Forest Fishery                        12                  2-15-0


With lake half froze it was surprising that anything was caught at all, Pete fished pole and pinkie and had four skimmers late in the match to just edge out Steve who fished the waggler and maggot, casting well out he had roach and gudgeon.



Well the weather has spoilt any chance of big nets pleasure fishing on the Sherwood lake Friday and Saturday was productive on pole and worm nets to 18lb of skimmers and roach, Dave Whitworth won the Rivendell winter league with 11lb 15oz, 7 bream on feeder and pinkie on peg 42.

Milder days have produced chub and barbel from the Maunside on pole and maggot and carp – 9lb on the Holmedale