In this video from Carp Channel Monthly, our ace Kevin Green is joined by Steve Broad, who edits ‘UK Carp’, and the theme is to show you some tricks for getting to grips with carp fishing when time is short.

This is a really instructional carp fishing video, packed with tips (and fish). Learn the secrets of finding fish on big, unfamiliar waters, and how you can use your rod and line to work out what the bottom’s like and how deep it is out there.


There’s advice for creating the perfect spod mix, and making sure your spod lands right where you intend to fish, every time.
Meanwhile Steve gets fishy fingers with his perfect ‘stick mix’, which includes a generous helping of tinned tuna, a highly effective additive to your carp groundbaits.
The session turns into a a head-to-head, with Steve fishing the Method and a PVA stick set-up on his two rods, while Kevin’s laying down a bed of bait and waiting for the fish to move over it.
Learn about ‘fishing to the clock’ and keeping busy, and the importance of preparation in what turns into a ‘fish fest’, with one quality, hard-fighting common carp after another coming to the bank.

Great tips, and great action… and it’s free to view in Issue 5 of Coarse & Match Fishing Monthly here on this website by clicking the link below.